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    Endeavour Magazine July 2024


    In this month’s issue of Endeavour Magazine, we bring you some heavyweights from the international energy sector who are harnessing the rich potential of regions across the world whilst practising sustainable development to help manage the growing global demand for energy. We got to see how Shell is developing Trinidad and Tobago’s energy industry towards international recognition, and how TotalEnergies is working with key government organisations across Uganda to develop strategic projects which enhance the rich potential of the region. Both companies also remain committed to respecting and developing the communities in which they operate for the benefit of future generations.

    We then turn to the shipping sector, with the likes of Maersk and Universal Africa Line Alliance (UAL) who remind us just how vital the logistics, transportation and shipping industry in in keeping supply chains running and business across the world in operation. We return to shipping titans Maersk, who serve the shipping industry with a dedicated network spanning all corners of the globe. This vast network is committed to providing completely integrated solutions which enhance and extend its customer’s supply chains for even greater economic benefit in markets across the world.

    We then look at UAL who are leading the way across Europe, the Gulf Coast and West Africa with a dedicated shipping line service designed to make cargo transportation reliable, flexible and efficient. With its growing operations across these vital coasts, UAL continues to invest in sustainable vessel offerings to move the company towards a future of carbon emission reduction.

    We then move to some key ports across the world that are working with companies, including those in the energy and logistics sectors, to help cargo reach its end markets once it arrives at a port. Therefore, throughout the magazine, we can see how so many vital companies and industries are intrinsically linked together for the unified effort to develop the world and bring continuous economic benefits to each of their respective industries and regions.

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