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    The chance to write about exciting regions such as Trinidad and Tobago, is fascinating. This particular region is a well-known holiday destination, as well as a favourite for enthusiastic festivalgoers. But behind the bustling bravado of parties and celebration is a rich culture and an ever-expanding thirst for business.
    Perhaps most interesting is the fact that Trinidad and Tobago is one of the fastest-growing nations in the West Indies. Therefore, the twin island can not only boast of having beautiful tourist destinations, but also a powerful business mindset. This is most greatly shown in the region’s motto: “Together We Aspire, Together Achieve”. With such driven words as these, we can see the union between the two islands can withstand any challenge, as well as representing the unbreakable spirit of the local community that trailblazes every business with Trinidadian pride.
    Trinidad, as the ‘Big Brother’ of the two islands, showcases a bustling and productive urban centre that greatly develops the business sector and economy of the region. Its prosperity can be pinned down to the success of businesses in the oil, gas, and shipping and manufacturing sectors, that drive the machine that is the Trinidad business sector. Also deserving of recognition is the pearly beaches and flourishing nature of Tobago. This idyllic paradise gains collective revenue from its broadening tourism industry. Also noteworthy however, is Tobago’s equally lively domestic business sector.
    With all this in mind, it is no wonder that Endeavour keeps returning to this energetic and fantastic region to learn all the wonderful stories they have to offer, as not only an Edenic tourist spot, but also a bustling base for business.

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