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Regional Magazines

Endeavour West Indies

Creating region-specific quarterlies is vital as it highlights commonalities in cultural practises, as well as bringing to light local communities, and the ways in which they interact with titans of business. The West Indies comprises a complex and...

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Business Profiles

Yaya Chemist: She can

Opened in 1989, Yaya Chemist has spent the past 33 years raising the bar for pharmacies in Kenya. Taking inspiration from her time abroad in Australia and the UK, the chemist’s founder, Smruti Patel, has sought to re-invent what a Kenyan pharmacy...

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Coffee Break

Understanding Your Benefits as a Veteran

Whether domestically or overseas, veterans of the United States army are entitled to several benefits for their exemplary service. As devoted men and women, they comprise one of the bedrocks of American freedom by helping keep our country and the...

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