Luisa Zissman. No longer queen of the internet.

Luisa Zissman deletes her twitter account after her remarks went viral and in doing so admits she was wrong to all of her supporters. #Fail

Last year I felt I was very fortunate to interview Luisa and speak to her about her new business, her bakery company and her approach to online social media marketing. (View article here) At the time she was a strong businesswoman, a power to be reckoned with. Young, beautiful and intelligent, she took everything in her stride.

You’d think she would have a better grip on things. Celebrity businesspeople like Luisa rise and fall according to their actions online.


I am unashamed to admit that I often feel the same way about families on benefits, but coming from a woman who is wealthy (she claimed to have spent 25K on clothes in three months) and a mother herself, it does come across a little naïve. And then there’s:


This probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, considering how virulent journalists can be online. Like the 500k people who used to follow Luisa I am unable to understand why her comments were so extreme. She has cut off any chance of me trying to support her in any way.

Two faux pax followed by a FUBAR. She deleted her Twitter account.

I feel no need to explain the message this has sent to her followers. She has run away and turned her back on half a million people who supported her. She has told them that their support and love means nothing to her. In the face of embarrassment, instead of fighting a corner or simply apologising, she has just fled.

It probably won’t take too much for this attention seeker to get back onto Twitter. It’s in her personality, and too much of her business relied on her being ‘the socialite’. But Luisa’s actions have burnt a lot of people who would have supported her. For a woman who spent so much time parading around as a model and calling herself a ‘strong businesswoman’, she has just given the worst example to young businesswomen yet. Or perhaps she’s become an example of What Not to Do.

As another Apprentice star Bianca Miller said, “You are your own brand.” Luisa Zissman has issued a recall of that brand.