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Simply the ‘Best Foam’, better than a barista

As coffee increases in popularity and customers become more and more discerning, there is a greater demand for a variety of good quality espresso-based drinks. The latest Schaerer bean-to-cup machine from Caffeine Limited features an advance milk system, designed so that operators can produce perfectly textured bespoke coffee foams, at the touch of a button and without needing to be a trained barista.


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According to Caffeine Limited, the new ‘Best Foam’ system actually foams the milk better than a barista.

The patented system gives operators total control of the texture and temperature of the foam, delivering the best ever lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos, and other espresso drinks. It allows operators to easily create individual milk-based coffees – fully automatically and with consistently high quality results.

The system uses ‘micro bubble technology’ to precisely control the process and create the exact type of foam required for specific drinks, so the foam for one drink can be stiffer or creamier than for another.

This flexibility is perfect for customers who know exactly what they like. Beverages can be adapted and fine-tuned to suit customers’ preferences, with the milk and foam ratio set as required.

The Coffee Art Plus ‘Best Foam’ machines can create special, bespoke foams. For example, on the latest Coffee Art Plus machine there’s a button to create a Cappuccino Fujiyama, which is topped with a peaked ‘mountain’ of creamy foam. There is also a button for producing a perfectly layered latte.

As well as a range of coffees, the ‘Best Foam’ machine can make other hot and cold drinks, such as milkshakes and hot chocolate. “Cold espresso-based drinks are growing rapidly in popularity – the ability to create beautifully textured cold foams is another benefit of the system,” says Justin Stockwell, Caffeine Limited’s managing director.

“This latest technology is a very exciting development,” he says. “It’s simple to use and the operator can set the exact consistency and temperature of milk foam that they want, to ensure the perfect serve, whatever the drink.”

Caffeine Limited is one of the UK’s leading coffee machines specialists, distributing brands including Schaerer and Gaggia. The company also offers a comprehensive choice of coffee service accessories.