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Cambodia Constructors Association. Building the future, together.


Coming together to ensure solidarity, craftsmanship and high quality within the construction industry, the Cambodia Constructors Association is a collective of some of the most respected industry experts, Endeavour magazine took a closer look at this forward-thinking group to see what they are bringing to the table.

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Founded in 2011, the Cambodia Constructors Association (CCA) might seem like a relative newcomer, but what they have already achieved in their short tenure is staggering. In fact, even the membership numbers are impressive, with more than 300 card-carrying organisations and professionals already signed up.

The Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction took the lead and initiated the association, with a clear directive to bring together a wide variety of experts, both in the construction and supply chain markets, to share knowledge and information in a bid to improve the sector as a whole; a valid and honorable endeavour, we think you’ll agree.  Brought together at an assembly hosted at the Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center, the event sought to assign association roles to respected and valued attendees.

“The assembly voted to set up the association statute and selected Neak Oknha Pung Kheav Se to be the association Chairman, with Lok Oknha Ly Chhuong as the Vice Chairman.”

However, assigning gratuitous roles wasn’t the main agenda, as the association was keen to attain and preserve industry legitimacy as soon as possible, leading to registration with the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the ASEAN Constructors Association (ACF) before the end of 2011.

The CCA have listed a number of goals that they are determined to achieve and oversee and what is particularly impressive is the desire to always be promoting best practice, good communication and industry cooperation. Here is a team of people that, through their own professional experiences, have learnt the value of honest and open operation and are seeking to encourage the same in the next generation of the construction sector.

The tope three goals of the association speak volumes about their priorities as they promise to,

“Implement the policies of the Royal Government as a contribution to the national development with the local, ASEAN and international partner construction companies. Join other ASEAN constructor’s federations and international constructors associations, and seek supports related to construction and the development of the construction sector. Promote good cooperation and mutual respect in the profession, and encourage harmonious relations among corporations operating as construction developers”

In a refreshing change from so many other professional bodies, there is no desire for one-upmanship here, instead, the CCA actively wants to connect with other likeminded associations to really promote and improve the construction industry, as a whole. The question is, how can this be done? The CCA seems to believe that education is one of the key solutions, with a number of their documented goals focusing on the development of the mind,

Organise, support and participate in education or training programs related to construction, development of architecture, engineering, urban planning and other commercial sectors. Award scholarship to any individuals who are well qualified, using the association funds.”

These are two of the most important pledges of the CCA and most definitely not something they have aligned themselves with purely in the interest of lip service. While many organisations and even other professional associations can be heard making a great deal of noise as to the importance of education, the CCA can be seen doing something to make it a reality.

“CCA has permission from H.E Im Chhun lim, Senior Minister, Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, to nominate the staff of CCA members to join relevant training courses on green building at the Ministry of LMUPC itself. The course trainer is from Singapore. CCA can nominate 10 participants from 8 CCA member companies to join in the course. The course has passed two terms and has included techniques for affixing solar panels.”

 Not only is education being offered to worthy staff members of CCA member companies and set ups, it is the right kind of tuition, which looks at future proofed technologies and ways to be greener in the construction industry. It’s no secret that as a marketplace, the construction sector really needs to take charge and look for more environmentally friendly solutions, but to find out that there are professional industry associations actually making that happen and offering free access to such training gives us hope that others may soon follow in their footsteps.

While on paper this all sounds fantastic, we always place a lot of value on the human element still, meaning that we wanted to know what the CCA’s President was keen to achieve. Reading his address, it becomes clear that he is a passionate man that has witnessed great development and change in his country and wants to be a positive influence on the future. He has a natural pride in the construction industry that is impossible to fabricate and really sees the value in all that the association does, leading us to do the same. He says,

“As Chairman of CCA, I have a great honour to deliver a message to all construction-related firms and institutions. The government has treated the construction sector as one of the nation’s economic pillars. With the noticeable development speed of the construction sector, CCA has been allowed to participate in developing the construction sector to make it aligned with local and international standards, especially those of the ASEAN member states. One community, one destiny.”

One destiny indeed; to all enjoy fantastic commercial and residential developments, to watch regions flourish in their construction projects and for everyone to have access to a wealth of support, knowledge and assistance. This isn’t just compliance for the sake of it, this is coming from a deep seated desire to make Cambodia the best it has ever been and the most successful that it can be and through training, conferences, expos and continued collaborations with fellow professionals and the government, there can be little doubt that that dream will be realised.