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What Tasks Are Best Done On Mobile?

The rise of mobile Internet has dramatically changed our lives in numerous ways. Indeed, it is hard to really estimate the kind of effect that mobile Internet has had on our daily activities. In the beginning of mobile data, it was not entirely user-friendly. It is fair to say that it took a few years for the mobile companies to properly integrate the Web onto mobile devices. Similarly, web developers are still working on ways to make websites operate as well as possible on mobile devices. Nonetheless, it is true that there are plenty of tasks which mobile internet is ideal for. In this article, we will go through some example of the best things best left to mobile Internet. Let’s take a look at what those might be.




Last year, Google made something of a surprise announcement. According to them, mobile searches now outrank normal searches. That is to say, more searches are carried out on mobile devices than other types of machine. Plenty of people in the tech industries had seen this coming for years, but it is still surprising to many that it is quite so popular. Yet, if you look at the actual experience of searching on mobile, you can see why this might be. Most of the time, we search the Web for a quick answer, not detailed research. With that in mind, it is clear why it might be that getting your phone out to quickly answer a query is significantly more popular as a choice. For more on the stats here, see


When it comes to gambling online, it seems that mobile is more popular than ever. Why this might be is hard to fully say, but it is clear that gambling on mobile is taking a rise in recent years. The truth is, there are now plenty of websites which work perfectly well, if not better, on mobile platforms. What’s more, you can even get apps for many of those sites, which will make the whole experience considerably easier. Take a look at for some examples of these apps. For the casual gambler, mobile has made the whole experience much easier than it used to be.


When a business turns to the process of marketing, they know that the Internet is going to be a backbone in their strategy. This has been the case for a number of years now. But advertising through mobile means is a much more recent development. The fact is, any marketing team now needs to think carefully about how something will work out on mobile. If it looks as though it will not work on mobile, then it is likely to be ditched altogether. Any business which integrates advertising on mobile is likely to enjoy considerable benefits.

Maps & Directions

Long gone are the days of having to print out the directions given to you by a maps website. Now, the majority of people are getting increasingly used to using their phones to guide the way. This really is one of those tasks which the mobile seems to be made for. It is now a fair assumption to suppose that the emerging generation will be the last to ever be lost.