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Is The Worst Of Brexit Behind Us?

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The short answer is no, but let’s go into this in a tad more detail because it’s important for the UK population, business owners and indeed, the rest of the world. When the results of the referendum were announced, the markets took a tumble internationally. The reason? No one was expecting the result, and everyone was under the impression calmer minds would win out. That didn’t happen, and the pound quickly started to drop off the map. The banks were able to correct the situation, injection more capital into the country. Yet, the pound continued to fall for another reason. For a while, there was uncertainty over who was leading the charge. And even after that, there was more mystery over official Brexit plans. What would the departure of the UK from the EU look like? Now, it could be argued that the worst is behind us. After all, Article 50 has been passed by MPs. But there are still some signs that the issues may not be completely over.

The House Of Lords Amendments

Recently it has emerged that a coalition has been formed to stop Brexit or at least make sure it doesn’t’ pass in its current form. There is already worry over the fact that no protection has been offered to EU nationals currently in Britain. There are also those in the House of Lords who aim to get the bill indefinitely delayed until a hypothetical second referendum several years down the line. Lords who take this stance have suggested they are completing their duty for constituents who did not vote for Brexit. The issue is that the delay has two negative effects. First, it causes yet more uncertainty, and this will take its toll on the market. Second, it weakens the stance during future negotiations with the EU.

Blair’s Cronies

Of course, it’s not just the Lords who are creating problems. Blair is back and rising through the ranks. In fact, there are some who have suggested he may once again take leadership of the Labour party. Goodness knows it needs someone strong and charismatic at the helm. Right now Blair is focused on building up support for a second referendum. Aside from the fact that this is completely undemocratic it is certainly gaining popularity. It wouldn’t be surprising to see official calls for a second referendum sooner rather than later.

Criminal Justice

There were many people who voted to leave the EU because they wanted to escape EU laws. Unfortunately many people were unaware that Human Rights laws will still be in place long after Brexit. The only option would be to abolish some this legislation which the government does plan to do. As such, the relationship between Brexit and the criminal justice system is an interesting one. It’s certainly going to look quite different once Britain leaves.

Tumbling Markets

Finally, for a while it was suggested that the effects of Brexit has been exaggerated. But little by little, things are starting to change. Consumer purchases are down, the housing market is slipping and businesses are beginning to struggle. It seems we might be just at the precipice of what Brexit could really mean for Britain.

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