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The Enigma of the Margate Shell Grotto

There exist many ancient man-made monuments and landmarks around the world that modern historians simply cannot deduce the exact purpose of: the Nazca Lines in Peru, the ruined city of Teotihuacan, and of course Stonehenge. The debates have been...

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Coffee Break

Is The Worst Of Brexit Behind Us?

Pic Source The short answer is no, but let’s go into this in a tad more detail because it’s important for the UK population, business owners and indeed, the rest of the world. When the results of the referendum were announced, the markets took a...

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Car Reviews


A new combined TV / Radio / Press / Outdoor and Social Media campaign has been created by PEUGEOT UK that goes live this Friday to promote the confidence experienced by its customers, and this is fully justified with numerous product attributes that...

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