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Are you a MotoGP Fan? Ride a Sports Superbike on UK Roads

If you are an avid follower of the MotoGP scene, you’ll be very happy that we are now into the 2021/2022 racing season and with superstars such as Mark Marquez, Jack Miller and Fabio Quartararo fighting it out on the world’s best race tracks, the rivalry is heating up as we enter the second half of the season. Of course, if you love fast racing superbikes, you can easily invest in your own sports racer and emulate your heroes on the UK roads.

Choose your Ideal Superbike

There are the big 4 Japanese big bike manufacturers; namely Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki, and they all have an outstanding series of sports machines, ranging from 125cc starter bikes, right through to the 1,200cc superbikes that incorporate race track technology. Let’s not forget the Italian bike company, Ducati, who are enjoying success this MotoGP season and if you are planning on investing in a racing style superbike, take the time to look at all the models, then book a test ride on your chosen machine. Check out Wheels Suzuki motorcycles who offer a wide range of new and used Suzuki GSXR superbikes and with affordable finance, you can spread the cost over a few years.

Safety on the Roads

Of course, safety is paramount when riding any motorcycle, especially a powerful sports machine and you must respect the raw power that is at your disposal. Always remain within speed limits and take extra care when riding in the wet and never assume anything with regards to other road users. You are strongly advised to invest in riding tuition and over the first few years, you will gain the hands-on experience to safely ride a powerful sports superbike. Here are a few cool gadgets for people who ride motorcycles.

Obtaining your Class A Licence

As you probably know, you can’t simply jump on a superbike and head off into the sunset; a thoroughbred sports superbike delivers around 150 hp and you must first obtain the Class A licence that allows you to ride any motorcycle. If you currently hold a full car driving licence, this permits you to ride bikes up to 125cc (Class A1 licence) and within two years, you must take the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and pass theory tests, which leads to the A2 and finally the Class A licence.

Protective Clothing

In the event you come off the bike, it is essential to wear leather, which protects your skin against the tarmac road; a leather motorcycle jacket and leather riding pants make for the best protection, or you could splash out on a set of racing leathers. They are expensive, but what price for your life? The most important safety item is your full-face helmet, which should be of high quality and a good fit and with motorcycle gloves and boots, your outfit is complete.

You can enjoy many great adventures during the great British summer and when September comes around, store your pride and joy until the following spring.