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Should Tiger Make yet Another Comeback

Tiger Woods is arguably one of the best golfers that has played the game and yet he seems to have a knack of just missing the next step to pure greatness as he struggles with injury and personal, everyday life.

Whether it has been from bad press based on his personal life or the constant back injuries, Tiger has for the last 12 years or so always been on the way back from something. The question after his latest narrow escape, is: Should he be trying to make it back and to what end? Will his game be the same and if not, maybe it’s best not to watch him play again?

The 15-time major champion winner is currently out of the game and many in the know think that this may be it. The argument is that perhaps the time has come for the Tiger to call it a day on what has been a fantastic career.

He Has Already Made Several Comebacks

From Injury

Tiger woods has had several back injuries and has also played and won a major tournament with a stress fracture and a torn ACL. From the early 2008 knee injuries and arthroscopic surgery, Tiger has always made a recovery, perhaps not fully, and has played his way back to the winners’ podium.

From narrow escapes

Like the 2009 car crash outside his home in Florida and managing to navigate a messy divorce and separation, Tiger woods has been able to overcome and come back from the brink of disaster on more than one occasion.

He will always be one of the most exciting players on the tour and everyone will remember his winning the 2005 masters as one of the most iconic golf wins ever.

But now he must overcome this most recent crash in Los Angeles and this for many will be a bridge too far for the Tiger.

The damage to both his legs will definitely affect his knees, his golf swing and his back, and as such, for those who have loved watching him and would really like to do so again, it is with sad resignation that it is acknowledged that this may be it for Tiger. His game will never be the same again.

Going out on his own terms has always been his idea, or playing until he cannot play anymore. But for the true supporters and those who see what Tiger brought to the game, it is best that he leaves us with the memories we have, of his supremacy when at his peak and the simplicity of his game. He was a once-in-a-lifetime golfer and yes, the game would be worse for his early exit, but the pressures of the game and damage the publicity can do to his life and mindset, are clear to see.

Perhaps it is best that Tiger does not make another comeback, but don’t bet on it. Like many of the greatest there are, he is at his best when under pressure and when he’s been counted out.