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3 Quick Tips for First Time Home Buyers

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It’s arguably true that buying a home is the most maximum investment you will ever make in life other than buying a car. Consequently, it’s also a fact that the real estate sector is currently fragile as it fights to adjust from the negative impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

This, therefore, requires that you navigate it with utmost care as you purchase your first home. Here are three tips to fasten your process and give you the best results. 

Work With a Budget

Often, first-time homebuyers make the mistake of running for the cheapest options without considering other costs in acquiring a home beside the principal amount. If anything, the rule of the game should be to go for a house that you can comfortably pay 20 % of its down payment. 

This will put you away from unexplainable mortgage costs that may have you living in debt for the rest of your life. Moreover, ensure to use calculating tools such as a mortgage calculator to carefully work out the different costs such as property taxes, utilities, home insurance costs and repair charges you will likely encounter in your home acquisition journey. 

After calculating and determining that the total costs are less than your monthly income, you can now comfortably go ahead and actualise your dream. 

Get Pre Approved

A preapproval letter is the most crucial document in the home buying process. Besides narrowing your search by informing you what you qualify for, it communicates to the potential sellers of your seriousness in the matter beforehand, helping ease and smoothens the entire purchase process. 

Mortgage pre-approval is also crucial as it explains and helps understand the different costs you are likely to encounter in your home buying process, making it possible for you to remain within your budget and avoid future stress. 

What’s more, a preapproval process helps add meaning to your budget amount where you can now comfortably adjust it after knowing where you fall in terms of the loan. Getting preapproved is also vital in speeding your home buying process. After this process, you are free to start looking for a home right away. 

Getting the best from this process requires that your credits are in order, you have a realistic budget amount, and the correct documentation in place. 

Get the Services of a Real Estate Agent

Besides setting a budget and getting preapproved, you must identify a realtor in your area to assist in the home buying process. These professionals have extensive knowledge of quality homes that fall within your class and needs. 

Therefore, they will fasten the process and help make critical decisions such as how much to offer for a given property. Moreover, a real estate professional will accompany you on your home viewing tours and help negotiate and close the deal. 


There is no shortcut to owning a home as a first-time buyer. The truth is you must be ready to feel the pain and complexity that comes with the process. You can, however, make the process favourable for you by implementing the above three tips.