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Why is the Jeep Becoming So Popular in the UK?

The SUV has already carved out a lot of the UK vehicle market and for very good reason; the sports utility vehicle really does tick all the boxes from a driver’s perspective. The Jeep brand has always been in high regard in the industry, with an illustrious alliance with the US and the Allies in WWII, and the latest models are something else! This prestigious brand has been part of Chrysler since 1987 after buying the asset from American Motors Corporation and they continually focused on designing award-winning vehicles with a highly valuable customisation market, for special expedition vehicles.

All Terrain Luxury Travel

That’s the SUV in a nutshell; ideal for every type of road surface and perfect for those long family holidays and with specialist Nene Overland Jeep servicing from an established Jeep dealership, your vehicle will always be in good shape. A Google search is all it takes to find a UK based Jeep dealer, where you can view a wide range of new and used Jeep models and with affordable finance, you can afford that full-option version.


There’s no doubt about is, the SUV is the safest type of vehicle on the road, due to its rugged construction and large tyre surface area in contact with the road. That added weight is comforting when the wind is up and wet weather driving is far superior in an SUV. Off-road can be challenging at the best of times and driving a Jeep gives you confidence when negotiating rough terrain. Here is an interesting article that shows how auto makers are choosing tech over performance, which does seem to be happening.

Touring Holidays

More families are travelling around the UK, now that things have opened up again, plus the difficulty with overseas travel makes a home camping holiday much more attractive. There’s no cheaper way to take a holiday than camping and with campsites everywhere, booking a spot is never an issue and with your Jeep fully loaded up, you have everything you need. You can carry out research online to help you plan adventures and those long Bank Holiday weekends are perfect for camping.


You can use your Jeep as the family car, while it makes for the perfect long-trip and camping is great with a Jeep. This amazing vehicle can also be used as a workhorse (many UK farmers have a Jeep) and you can drop the rear seats to create a platform. Taking the dogs to the forest is easy with floor protectors in the rear section and with 4WD, you can park close to the trail.

Booking a Test Drive

The best way to book a Jeep test drive is to search online for a leading UK Jeep dealership and once you’ve chosen your model, you can book a test drive via their website. This will give you a chance to really appreciate the vehicle and the dealer is always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Jeep has long been a market leader and they design and build the best all-terrain vehicles in the world.