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Motorcycle Emptiness – Common Excuses Not To Ride


Who doesn’t look at a motorcycle and think ‘I would love to ride one?’ Let’s face it – they’re cool, they’re powerful, and they’re freeing. A motorcycle is liberating, too, and it only costs a couple of thousand bucks. Still, men and women around the world refuse to ride them because of the stigma. Bikes have had a lot of bad press in the past, and still to this day, and that gets in people’s minds. Well, it shouldn’t because most of the stigma is a myth. If you don’t think that’s true, take a look at the following. These are the common reasons people don’t ride and why they’re flawed.

It’s Dangerous

Sure, there is a lot less protection on a motorcycle than in a car. And, plenty of folks have had to contact a motorcycle crash attorney as a result. However, the accident rate between the two doesn’t even compare. Cars are by far the most dangerous form of transport, yet you still get behind the wheel. You might feel a little more vulnerable, but that doesn’t mean you will suffer an injury. The fact that there is less protection works in your favor. When motorcyclists hit the road, they take more precautions to avoid injuries.

Midlife Crisis Alert

A bike is like a sports car for a person in their forties or fifties. People look and automatically think you are suffering from a midlife crisis. And, why wouldn’t they jump to that assumption? The thing is it doesn’t matter what they think. As long as the motorcycle is fun and practical, it’s the perfect means of transport. Anyone that is self-conscious can cover themselves with all kinds of paraphernalia anyway. The helmet covers the head completely, for example. No one will know it’s you unless you let the cat out of the bag, or your leathers.


Not Practical

Apart from safety, potential cyclists fear practicality the most. ‘What if I want to go shopping – where will I put my stuff?’ ‘What happens when it rains?’ They are all good questions, but they all have answers. To begin with, most motorcycles have plenty of space that you can’t see. Underneath the seat is a perfect place to store everything from the groceries to your keys and wallet. Secondly, a cheap pair of waterproofs will keep you dry during the rainy season. Or, you can stick to riding in the summer because that’s the best time of year. If anything, these solutions make them more practical. Plus, they’re a lot faster.

Zero Confidence

All of the above affects one thing: your confidence. When sitting on a bike seems like a bad idea, you won’t feel like opening up the throttle. In fact, you won’t want to go near a motorcycle if possible. Okay, this isn’t a bad excuse because you need a high level of confidence. If you fear the bike, bad things can happen. However, the only way to build it up is to take it for a spin.

After a few sessions, you won’t look back as your confidence will shoot through the roof.