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How AI Will Change Your Life

Technology is always making great leaps forward, and unless you’re Amish, there isn’t going to be a single aspect of your life that hasn’t been touched by the progress of technology in some way. Now that Artificial Intelligence is becoming a bigger and bigger talking point, many people are wondering (and worrying) what this means for our us in the future. Here are a few ways AI is poised to change our day-to-day lives…

Better Weather Predictions

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Even for a qualified and experienced meteorologist, giving an accurate weather forecast can be tricky, especially when you have to go through massive volumes of data. However, thanks to AI software that’s quickly being developed, all that could soon be a thing of the past. Soon, AI-assisted weather infrastructures will be able to sort through all the available data, get a more accurate picture of approaching weather conditions, and trigger the necessary early warning systems. In the case of tsunamis and other natural disasters, these new systems could save lives. It can also serve to make agriculture much more efficient, and prevent forest fires. For most of us though, it will just mean a little less grumbling when the weather forecast gets it wrong again!

Dealing with Household Chores

One of the earliest promises of AI from various pieces of science fiction has been robots who are able to deal with routine household chores, and eliminate the domestic drudgery we have to get through every other weekend! Artificial intelligence is even expected to take care of some of the more monotonous tasks in a workplace, as explored in this blog post. The promise of chore robots has even been fulfilled to some degree with autonomous vacuum cleaners, which are able to manoeuvre around furniture, stairs, and even pets. Businesses with large lawns like sports stadiums and golf courses already rely on similar technology to mow the grass and eliminate the need for human labour. It’s expected that in the future, more developed robots will not only be able to tidy up your living room and clean the dishes after dinner, but will also be able to tackle things like assembling flat pack furniture or watching over children and pets. Yeah… that last one sounds pretty creepy to us, too!

Autonomous Transport

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The driverless car is just around the corner thanks to Google and other companies, and nations around the world have already passed legislation that will allow these machines to drive on existing roads. This rapidly developing technology relies on a LIDAR, working in conjunction with a range finder. These sensors allow the vehicle’s computer to generate 3D map of the surrounding environment. After this, the car combines these 3D maps with high-resolution satellite maps of the world, producing various data models that allows it to drive itself safely. We’re yet to see driverless cars hit the market, but rest assured they’re on their way. In a few years, you might see people catching some Z’s behind the wheel, or even hear about some life-threatening crashes being avoided thanks to onboard computers!