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Being Successful At Work (Without Pushing Yourself Too Far!)

We all want to push ourselves when it comes to our work. After all, the higher position we manage to achieve, the more possibilities it opens up. And the more money we will make every month if we do score that promotion. But a lot of people are opening themselves up to risks. And not just to their physical health; but to their mental health too. And they look back and wished they had been more careful while they were at work. In fact, here are some tips on how to be successful at work without pushing yourself too far.

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Don’t take on too much work

When you are trying to impress your boss, it might be the case you take on more work than is sufficient. After all, you want to show them how hardworking you are. And it can often give them the push they need to give you that well-deserved promotion. However, while it’s okay to occasionally offer to take on more work (everyone stays the odd night or weekend), you need to make sure you are not taking on too much work. After all, if you end up staying in the workplace most evenings, you are going to end up exhausted. In fact, you might end up getting sick more often as your body is run down. And with your immune system at an all-time low, you are going to pick up any bugs in the vicinity. And then you will end up not being able to work. Not only this but if you are constantly tired, you might make silly errors when you are driving to and back from work. In fact, workplace tiredness can often be the reason for why crashes occur. And on top of all this, working on too much can send relationships in your personal life to an all-time low. After all, if you do not have a good work home life balance, you will struggle to maintain relationships. Therefore, make sure you aren’t taking on too much for the sake of your health. Go the extra mile by all means, but don’t end up in a position where you are working yourself into an early grave!

Always take that break at work

A lot of employees skip their lunch break to impress their boss and get further ahead with their work. After all, that hour can mean you can complete a lot of extra work. But while you might want to skip the occasional break, there’s no need to skip them all. For one thing, you are going to find you affect your health if you do keep missing your lunch break. We need three meals a day to be healthy. So if you are giving lunch a miss, you are going to struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, you need to give your mind and body a break during lunch. After all, if you have been working on a machine for hours, it’s likely you are going to get tired and make mistakes. Therefore, an hour lunch will give you the time to recuperate and ensure you are fresh when you do return to work. And it gives your eyes a break if you have been staring at a screen for hours on end. Also, it’s important to have a lunch break as it gives you time to get to know your colleagues. After all, if you always say no, and just work through your lunch hour, you won’t be part of the group socially. And this can push you back rather than forward in your career. After all, your boss will want someone who is well liked and at least makes an effort with other people in the office to move further on up through the company.

Don’t do things you haven’t been trained for

A lot of people go the extra mile by going far beyond their duties when it comes to their work. For example, they help out in other departments when there is a shortage of staff. After all, they want to impress their boss and show them they are happy to go the extra mile. But while you might want to give a helping hand, you need to be careful doing things you haven’t been trained for. After all, this can easily end up leading to a workplace injury as you weren’t using the machine correctly. And then rather than a promotion, you might end up with a court case! In fact, you will be left wondering how much compensation can I get? After all, the injury might cause you to be out of work for a significant period. And you will end losing money during this time. Therefore, to ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure you only work on things you have been trained on. And explain your reasoning if you do get asked to do something else. After all, they won’t want to neglect workplace safety!

Cut back on those stress levels

You might be surprised how much pressure some people put on themselves when it comes to their work. After all, they are determined to get to the top, so they work really hard. But if you are pushing yourself too hard, you might end up pushing your stress levels sky high too. After all, if the work isn’t going to plan, it’s easy for yourself to start getting stressed out. But if the stress starts to become overwhelming, your mental health might be put at risk. After all, it can easily spiral into anxiety and depression if you don’t get it out of control. In fact, you might be surprised how many people end up with these mental illnesses down to pressure at work. Therefore, make sure you get on top of your stress levels by controlling the amount of work you are taking on. If something is too much for you, don’t be afraid to ask others around you for help. After all, you will learn the skills you will need to succeed next time, and impress your boss.

And always remember it can be stepping stones when it comes to impressing your boss. So if you don’t get there straight away, keep going to continue making progress!