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I’ve Just Purchased A Classic Car, Now What? A Handy Guide


Classic car appreciation and restoration is a vastly growing trend in the last decade, as more and more people are realizing the intrinsic compatibility between the beautiful cars of old and the internal functions of the new way of manufacturing. Having a classic car is a nodded hat to the design of old, where cars were built to last and had a sense of care and character often missing from many cars of today.

Getting into classic car restoration, or just purchasing them to look at, can be a fruitful and enjoyable hobby. But you want to make sure you’re taking the wisest attitude approach to its ownership. Follow this guide to ensure you’ve covered all angles.

Take It From The Lot Safely

Use a professional service like Shiply Car Hauling to help you get your new vehicle safely off the lot or driveway and into your safe space. You want to use a professional service here instead of driving it yourself because classic cars are as a rule more fragile than you’d expect. Asking the car hauling firm to pay special consideration to the way they handle it can give you a feeling of wellbeing during your travel back home. If anything is going to harm your vehicle, it should be a mistake made in the garage you made that has the honor of doing so.

You Need A Dry, Secure Garage

Most insurance firms will want to see your classic car in a locked, secure place. The truth is that classic cars are often targets of petty vandalism due to their lack of security features such as a car alarm. They’re also prone to rust, meaning adverse weather conditions could affect them negatively. Making sure that it’s in a dry, cool place will help your peace of mind immensely.

You Need To Identify Your Insurance Premium

How much insurance is required? Do you plan to drive it? Are you going to change the fundamentals of the engine? Is the car going to be in need of redefinition in the eyes of your insurance firm when you’ve finished all intended work on it? Some careful planning here can prevent nasty unexpected costs from cropping up in the future.

Join An Owners Club

Joining an owners club online or through an advertisement in the local community you place yourself can yield great results. You can guarantee that if you’re having an issue with your ‘67 Ford Mustang, thousands of others have too. Five decades of experiential knowledge about a car is worth researching, and that is often what draws people to classic cars in the first place.

Consider A Paint Job

If you want to change the fundamentals of the internal processes of the car, that’s usually looked upon fondly. If you want to change the paint job, that’s not as universally accepted. Some people will say history should overtake aesthetic, but if your car is rusting or doesn’t look quite as good as it did back in the day, feel free to paint it and spruce it up. Your car is your car, and an argument can be made that re-painting it with more durable paint is the best way to respect the initial manufacture and history of the vehicle.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to have fun! Classic car restoration is a discipline in which there are endless lessons to learn. Who knows, maybe in 50 years time someone will be restoring the efforts you made now.