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3 Signs That Your Office Is Overstocked

Not having enough equipment or missing out a few supplies can be frustrating. Not only can it slow down your office’s productivity, it can also hinder you from doing important tasks and it might make some of your employees think twice about your ability to lead them. To make up for this, many business owners will overstock their offices with basics such as paper, pens, coffee or even computer parts. While preparing for every situation is a good habit to develop, it doesn’t mean you should be overloading your storage room with random bits and pieces. It’s a waste of money, it uses too much space, and some perishable items can reduce in quality over time. Instead of filling your office to the brim, here are a couple of signs that your office is overstocked.

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Your storage rooms are always full

Whether it’s a cupboard, shelf or your desk drawer, if they’re spilling with contents that you can never use up then you’ll want to stop buying products. It’s understandable that you want to stock up, especially when office-focused companies like Bryson Products Ltd are having a sale. Non-perishable items like paper, pens and so on can sell for extremely low prices, but it’s a good idea to practice some restraint even with low prices. If you’re currently overstocked, stop buying more products even if there is a sale and use up what you currently have.

Your employees are taking home stuff

Employees tend to do silly things such as taking paper and pencils home without really thinking twice. Accidentally putting a pen in their pockets or using a bit of paper to jot down notes is fine especially if it’s done harmlessly, but you don’t want your employees to develop thieving tendencies. Employees are more likely to steal from your office if you appear overstocked. For example, if they see a fresh box of pens laying on the shelf, then there’s a high chance they’ll take a couple to keep at their desk and it’s likely they’ll take a few home because they see you have so many. It’s not the most offensive thing in the world, but it’s the principle of not taking office property.

You don’t know where your budget is disappearing to

Let’s face it, you probably don’t manage all the small details in your workplace. Because of this, you might find that your budget is mysteriously vanishing and you’ve got no idea where all the money is going to. If you take a closer look at your necessary expenses, then you may realise that you’re actually spending a considerable amount of money on supplies such as paper, pens, and other types of office stationery. If you feel like you’re spending far too much money on these things, then you may want to consider cutting down a little. Although stacks of paper might seem cheap, if you’re not using them then it’s wasted money that could be spent on something more useful. Try and cut down on the waste and only order what you need.