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Business Plan Advice For New Shipping Firms


Creating a business plan for any new company can seem like hard work. However, you just need to follow a standard process to ensure you leave no stone unturned. Today, we’re going to focus on the international shipping industry. Still, the same basic rules should apply to all manner of different niches. You need a business plan before you can seek investment from the bank or private companies. For that reason, it’s vital that you include all the most relevant information and make the document as accurate as possible. With a bit of luck, the tips on this page will point you in the right direction.

Include all start-up and first-year running costs

Before you do anything else, you will have to work out all your startup and operating costs for the first twelve months. You then need to add all that information to your business plan. You might have to buy or hire marine vehicles, and you will have to include the cost of insurance. You’ll also have to think about maintenance of your equipment. It’s possible you will have to employ the services of Donaldson filtration specialists, engine repair experts, and many more professionals. At the end of the day, you need to explain all the ins and outs if you want someone to part with their hard-earned cash.

Explain how much profit you will make

Nobody will invest in a shipping business if you don’t explain your profit forecasts. For that reason, you’ll have to make an estimate as to how much money you will take during your first twelve months. You’ll also have to highlight what percentage of that income goes down as profit. The bank will probably offer to loan any capital you might require. However, private investors will want to take control over a portion of your company. So, you need to explain to the investors how much return they’re going to secure.

Add a growth plan for the first three years

Sometimes it might take a couple of years for a company to make a profit. So, you should try to explain how your income is going to rise well into the future. That could help to make the deal seem more attractive to investors. Let them know how you plan to move forward, and when you intend to take that action. For example, you might want to expand and trade in new territories during year three. That could double or even triple your profits in some instances. You might also think about buying some boats outright. Experts from Boats And Outboards say prices are reasonable at the moment. If investors know you’re going to do that, there is more chance they will offer the money you need.

The only other things you need to include in your business plan relate to additional costs. For instance, you might want to include the price of hiring a crew for your shipping operation. You might also mention any other issues that could catch the eye of investors. Maybe you can offer them some perks to sweeten the deal? Just use some common sense, research the process online, and you can’t go wrong. Good luck!