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Overlooking Office Safety? Three Reasons You Could Be Heading For A Fall

Every business owner knows about the importance of workplace safety. At least, they should! But, there is a common misconception in the industry that some areas need more focus than others. An owner of a construction site, for example, has to be top of their game. Yet, an owner of an office may think that health and safety barely applies to them. But, that’s far from the case.

Health and safety applies across the board. Failure to comply could lead to horrible accidents and costly law suits. Not to mention that morale will be low if your employees feel unsafe. So, better health and safety standards could lead to better business.

If you have yet to realise the importance of addressing health and safety in the office, you could be heading for a fall. In an attempt to convince you of the dangers, we’re going to look at the most common office injuries and what you can do to avoid them.

Trips and falls are by far the most common office injury. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have confirmed that falling is responsible for the most disabling injuries. The CDC also confirmed that office workers are 2 to 2.5 times more likely to suffer a fall than those working out of an office.

So, what can you do to prevent such falls? For one, ensure your flooring is as even. A carpet which doesn’t lay flat could cause huge issues when people are rushing around. Using something like this self leveling concrete is all it takes to ensure your carpets lay flat. It’s a step you need to take.

As you can imagine, loose wires are also a significant tripping hazard. Keeping plugs at head height, or laying your wires under the carpet, will eliminate the risk.

Back injuries are also commonplace. For the most part, this is due to insufficient seating. Your employees sit for the majority of the day, so you need to ensure they’re using chairs which promote good posture. Options with supportive, straight backs are your best bet. And, make sure you replace these seats often to ensure they’re functioning as they should.

Incorrect lifting procedures are also somewhat to blame for office back injuries. In a factory, employers make sure to train their staff about the correct way to lift. But, few office owners take the same precaution. If you’re expecting employees to carry heavy boxes of stationery or other deliveries, you have to teach them how to do it right.

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Repetitive strain is another massive risk for office workers. It’s possibly the hardest one to avoid. The very nature of office work is a hotspot for repetitive strain. One step you can take is to provide supportive keyboards. Options with arm rests will encourage employees to type in the right positions. It’s also important to include regular breaks. Don’t snap as soon as someone leaves their desk. In fact, encourage your employees to take a quick wander at least every hour.