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The Painful Truth Our Ocean Is Dying


If you still don’t know the real reason our ocean is dying – here’s why.

Oil spills

Oil spills tend to happen a lot more than we know about, and this is mostly because the media doesn’t feel like telling us about it unless people sadly lose their life, although the sea life lost should be spoken about just as much. Oil is taken out from under the floor of the ocean deep down, and is then sold and used all over the world for billions of dollars – this is just the way it works. If the right equipment has gone through all the appropriate and necessary checks and tests, from the rotary variable differential transformer, (also known as the rvdt) right down to the piping, nuts, and bolts – nothing should go wrong. But in horrific cases like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, things get overlooked, and disasters like this happen, causing a mass destruction of marine life.

Eating seafood

As obvious as this may seem, people seem to think that all the fish and other creatures out there are never-ending, and once upon a time even scientists may have agreed with this point, but every second of the day now, another part of the marine life is closer to becoming extinct. Salmon and tuna are getting more and more expensive, why? – Because the fishermen are finding it to be more and more difficult to catch as many fish as they once did. In certain countries like Japan, it is somehow still legal to hunt and kill dolphins, whales and sharks. To a lot of people that sounds insane, and yet nothing is able to be done ‘officially’ to put a stop to this. If you’re aware of the ‘delicacy’ shark fin soup – a bland soup that holds absolutely no taste, meaning tons of spices are added to it because the shark fin itself has no flavour – do you know how they make it? Fishermen go out in their boats, catch sharks, haul them out of the water, saw off their fin while they’re still alive, and then throw them back into the ocean Still. Alive. Leaving them unable to swim, resulting in a slow and painful death… But hey. They’re just fish, right?

Dumping trash

Not only does dumping litter make the water dirty and create harmful bacteria that attacks the seabed along with all the beautiful coral, but it causes absolute havoc to the innocent wildlife down there too. Sea turtles are getting McDonald’s straws stuck so far up their nostrils they have seizures until they can no longer breathe. Dolphins are getting beer can wrappers caught around their beaks so they are unable to eat and slowly die of starvation. Blue whales are inhaling plastic bags into their lungs which eventually end up suffocating them. – All these things are down to how we can’t be bothered to walk a couple steps to dispose of our rubbish properly.

Noticing a pattern here? The human race, we are the ones that are able to cause so much harm, and we are the ones that can stop it all. So you know that phrase ”Be the change you want to see in the world.”? – Have another think about what it means.