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The Skills You’re Going To Need To Land A Jet-setting Career

Do you dream of landing a jet-setting career that allows you to travel the world? Would you love nothing more than to get paid for doing something you’re truly great at, all while exploring new places? You’re going to need a certain set of skills for this. If you can develop the majority of the skills in this guide, then you might just be able to land your dream career!

Communication & Emotional Intelligence

Having great communication skills is going to be a must if you want to land a career that allows you to jet off all over the world. You’ll need to be able to communicate with your peers, bosses, clients, and anybody else who has something to do with your job – and they may not be able to speak your language well. Emotional intelligence is another key skill, as this will allow you to read a situation well without necessarily being able to speak the language or understand one another 100%. Different cultures can mean that two happy people (one from each culture) act completely differently, so having a good indication of this is important. 

Multiple Languages

Knowing how to speak multiple languages will be a wonderful skill that could help you to land jobs with many foreign clients. You may even get travel opportunities, and opportunities to live abroad. If you plan on becoming a citizen of another country, you’ll need to make sure you’re aware of the documents you need so you can do so. Visiting the website can give you an idea, but this will depend on where you are going. Sometimes, multiple languages aren’t even required, and you just need a degree to teach English without having to speak another language at all. It’ll depend on the type of job you’re looking to get!


Great writing skills will help you in numerous ways. If you’re looking to document your travels, a good writing skill will draw people in. If you’re simply looking to communicate with a client or team member, you need to make sure your writing cannot be misconstrued!


Customer Service

Having incredible customer service skills is a must if you want to land a jet-setting career. Cabin crew, for example, must practice the best customer service skills, as dealing with many people on a plane requires manners and other skills. Even if you’re going to be working with people online, you need to make sure you deliver the service to a high standard and on time to get repeat business.


Having a knowledge of technology will help you massively. This could mean starting a business or a career online, so you can make money and travel at the same time.


Finally, persistence is a useful skill, as you won’t give up easily when you get knocked back! If you can’t find your ideal jet-setting career, why not consider creating your own? Don’t give up, and something incredible could soon happen for you!

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