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Help Nature to Help Your Garden

Anyone with a garden will know they can be a lot of hard work to keep looking good. There are different jobs to do at varying times of the year, and a pleasant garden can be lovely to sit and relax in or to entertain friends and family. It is not much fun if you have children and pets though and you have to use chemical insecticides and sprays. Then you have to keep them out of your lovely garden for a while. There are alternatives though, as you could avoid the use of things by letting nature help you.

Natural Weed Killer

Different cultures have different ideas about which plants are weeds. Generally, in the US, things like dandelions and thistles are two of the main weeds that gardeners want to remove from between the cracks of their paving, or from their flower beds. There are sprays sold in all the garden centers, but you can make your own spray at home that is natural and safe for your kids and pets. It also will not kill bees, which is, of course, a big plus in its favor.

You just need to mix one gallon of pickling vinegar with a teaspoon of liquid soap and a little orange oil. Put some into a spray bottle and treat the weeds. If it rains soon afterwards, you will need to reapply. Its effects might not be as instant as with the chemical spray, but two or three days use is usually enough to do the job. This process is explained in more detail and with more tips on using it if you view website of Mom With Prep.

Ladybugs Helping with Aphids

Every spring as our plants start to grow, many different aphids appear and start to eat them. This spoils their looks but can also kill the plants. Ladybugs come to the rescue. They love to eat aphids and introducing a few to your planted areas will soon get rid of the unwanted visitors.

This tiny harmless beetle, which children seem to love, can be purchased in many nurseries and farm stores. You just need to make sure that when you release them there is plenty of water on the plants, as before they do anything else they will want a drink. Then just leave them to it. They will eat the aphids that are ruining your plants, and then move on to find somewhere else with the same problem.

Garlic Pepper Tea to Deal with the Bugs

It is not very nice to be sitting in your back garden and suddenly find you have bugs on you. Although they will normally stay on the plants they eat, slugs, worms and beetles are not averse to crawling onto a chair or table, and that is when they can become a problem.

A garlic pepper tea will deal with them, and you only need to spray it on your plants, not directly on the bugs. All it takes is 6 bulbs of garlic, 12 very hot peppers and 2 gallons of distilled water. Peel the garlic, take the tops off the peppers and put them through a blender. Strain the result into the water and you have the finished article ready to use. How strong it is will be determined by the amount of water you use, so mixing a little at a time in a spray bottle is the best way to deal with it.

Using only natural treatments in your garden will make it a safer place to be for everyone. These are just three of them, there are many more that keen gardeners use.