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    Peugeot 5008 SUV

    The awarding winning Peugeot 5008 SUV
    RRP starting at £24,139.00

    I’ve harboured a soft spot for Peugeots ever since my early days owning the now-classic 205 GTI. It was aggressive and fun – just what every teenager wanted.

    The new 5008 is a world apart from the boy racer’s GTI: it’s a spacious, refined, comfortable SUV that manages to feel like a nimbler, smaller vehicle when you drive it. This car is as attractive as it is practical: it oozes style from every angle and has a strong presence on the road. Our test model was the 2.0 BlueHDi 150 StopStart EU6 GT Line in emerald green – a stunning and unusual look.
    Peugeot are continually winning awards, and the 5008 is no exception. This model has already won What Car’s Best Large SUV car of the Year 2018, and CCT Award’s 2018 SUV of the Year.

    In essence, Peugeot have taken the winning formula of the 3008, made it 20 cm longer and added two extra seats. Although this isn’t a 4×4, the 5008 does utilise an intuitive electronic drive system that gives great grip and rewards you with a brilliantly settled ride from back roads to motorway cruising.

    The interior to this stunning vehicle is just as lovely as the exterior: from the large infotainment touch screen to the digital wrap dash and dials, the design is incredibly engaging and well thought out. The mix of top-quality plastic, leather and cloth give the cabin a sophisticated look, and the dash piano keys add a real touch of class. The cabin also has good storage throughout, besides the tiny glove box, which ironically would probably only hold gloves.

    The higher ride height of the SUV is also a plus, offering safety and visibility a-plenty. The rear-view is slightly compromised by the length of the vehicle, but no more than its rivals. Every seat has ample leg room available, yet the roof height can be an issue. I am 5’11 and my head was close to the roof in the back seats – it was barley touching, but the experience felt a little oppressive. These three full-sized passenger seats can all slide and recline to gain a bit more head room, though, and when you move further back to the additional seats in the rear, there is strangely more headroom.

    In an odd contrast with its large build, the small steering wheel on the 5008 would be just as at home on a go-kart. This design choice is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. Personally, I got used to it quickly, and realised that it had a practical side to it; it was nice to see the dials above the wheel rather than having to peer through it, and it also gave the car a sporty feel – it’s only when you look in the mirror that you are reminded you are in a big SUV.

    The 5008 can comfortably carry seven people, but you do have to arrange them in the seats based on their height! When all seven seats are in use, there is very little boot space – really only enough for a couple of small suitcases. However, in the car’s normal five-seat mode, the boot is a really good size: at its max with the rear two seats removed and the back three folded out of the way, it offers a cavernous 2150 litres.

    There are five 5008 models to choose from: starting from the most basic up, they are the Active, Allure, GT Line, GT Line Premium and then finally the GT. All models have an awesome level of equipment: ABS, alarm, auto door locks, electronic hill assist parking brake, Bluetooth, USB, halogen lights…the list goes on! Our model also came with a driver’s massage seat, three fragrance air fresheners that pump through the air vents, and bundles of other goodies. There is too much to list in full, but needless to say you won’t want for much. Rather than me list everything over the next few pages, go and check them out at your nearest dealer.

    There is a good range of engines available, from a 1.2 turbo petrol to a 2-litre diesel, all returning very good MPG. If you are planning to carry seven people regularly then I would suggest you go for one of the bigger engines.

    I love Peugeot’s commitment to safety, and it’s going strong in this car. All 5008s come with V-AEB, which is Peugeot’s Automatic Emergency Braking system, as standard. In case of an emergency, the electronic sensors will always react much quicker that a driver and avoid the incident. This system has proven to save lives and, in my opinion, should be made standard on all cars, but sadly it isn’t.

    To sum up the 5008 is easy: Peugeot have taken the fantastic and award winning 3008 and made it more practical and family friendly. If you are looking for a stylish and capable seven-seater. this could well fit the bill. It is certainly worth a test drive, and I challenge you not to be impressed.