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    Endeavour Magazine November 2018

    2018 is almost over, with Christmas and Hanukkah on the horizon for many of us. As those who celebrate start to look forward to these festivals, whether they are held dear because of faith or because they symbolise a time with family and loved ones, it is tragic that the approach to the season has already been marred by the painful news of the mass shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue in the US. Although the shooter has been charged and will be brought to justice, the pain of the violence and the losses of life experienced at this place of worship will stay with those affected. Unfortunately, this well-reported story is also only one of many such stories, with violence throughout the world continuing to threaten people’s freedoms of religious expression and basic ability to feel and be safe.

    Whilst not an intentional attack, tragedy also struck worshippers in India last month when a train ran into crowds gathered to celebrate the Hindu festival of Dusshera. At least 59 were killed by the accident, so whilst our thoughts are with the communities mourning the events in Pittsburg, they are also with those mourning this loss in Amritsar, and everywhere else around the globe that is battling daily against such tragedies, both accidental and intentional.

    However, whilst we look backwards with respect for those who were lost, it is important to remember that the news isn’t all negative, no matter how true that can seem. It is inspiring and reassuring to see how many active initiatives there are in the world to improve lives, from not only governments and charities, but the private sector; we spoke with a selection of companies, some familiar to us and others that were exciting new discoveries, and were amazed at the many ways that people are doing good, even whilst working to succeed at a business. From transforming communities with schools and health centres, to empowering regions with new skills, or providing affordable and ethical ways to eat healthily, there are so many ways that businesses are doing good, and so much future good to achieve. As we gear up for our Christmas issue next month, we’re excited to keep unearthing these stories, and showing what can be accomplished with a little money, a little dedication, and some heart.