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How to Look Like a Professional This Winter

As an ambitious woman trying to make it in this world, you will already know the importance of making a good first impression so that you can land those promotions, ace those presentations, and climb your way to the top of your profession in no time.

The way you present yourself in a professional space dramatically impacts the perception people will have of you and how much authority your voice has in the working environment. To help you make sure that you are always able to command the boardroom this winter, this handy guide will give you three sure-fire tips to make sure you are looking like a pro so that you can go on to captivate people with your ideas an innovation.

Looking sharp as soon as you arrive

When the cold, brisk weather of winter rolls around again, the staple look you need to have sorted out is your coat. No matter how professionally put together, your workwear is, the first thing your colleagues and bosses are going to see is your jacket, so you need to make sure you are making an investment into the right one. You can shop online for great plus size coats that are up to date with the latest trends from the catwalks. When you have to wear the same coat every day, you need to seek out something that gives you a bold, statement look that makes you easily recognisable. Finding something that uniquely fits in with your personal style that is also eye-catching will have you on to a winner and looking amazing every single work day.

Turning heads

One of the things that can make or break an outfit is how you do your hair as this can elevate a look from good to great, which might just be the cherry on top of the cake you need to make the right impression in an interview or meeting. There are lots of easy yet professional hairstyle ideas you can try out this winter that have simple steps to follow so you can recreate the looks even if you’re not great with your hair. Something such as an inside-out ponytail or a classic French braid can offer up that little bit of class you need when rushing to leave in the mornings. In winter, with the harsher weather, wearing your hair back in one of these styles is a great way to ensure that no gusts of wind ruin you do.

Facing the world

Finally, winter is often not a wonderland when it comes to weather. The commute can have you shaking in the cold or battling against the wind and rain, which is a big problem for your makeup. To help you stay looking your best, there is lots of weatherproof makeup to try that will help you to stay looking perfectly made up right through until it’s time to clock out.

Looking like a professional this winter doesn’t have to be difficult when you follow these rules.