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The North American continent is one of the three central pillars of the global economy along with Europe and South-East Asia. And as the home to the US and Canada, arguably, it is the most influential of them all.

In spite of the rise of China, the US remains by some margin the richest and most influential country in the world. It is a world leader in innovation and business savvy, it is brash, and it is a part of the world with a winner takes all mindset – undoubtedly, America is, and will continue to be an economic centre of gravity for some time yet. Canada, with barely a fraction of the population of the US, lacks the outright financial might of its southern neighbour, but as a G7 member and highly advanced global economy in per capita terms is no slouch. With rising competition both in the East and West, these are uncertain but exciting times for these two fascinating, but quite different countries.

The regional US & Canada Endeavour Magazine features exciting news and company profiles on some of the most exciting businesses from across the continent. Inside you’ll find the backstories of some of the hottest up-and-coming mining outfits from the continent’s world-class mining sector, the food and beverages sector, and even the story of Coca Cola’s bold new initiative to provide communities in developing countries with the instruments to create opportunity and improve livelihoods.

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