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    Endeavour Magazine May 2019

    We have just come through April and, with it, the year’s Easter celebrations. Whilst working on this month’s magazine during that Easter season, a theme of new beginnings, recovery and rebirth emerged in the companies we’ve spoken with. We had the pleasure of speaking with Banro Corporation, who told us all about their victorious return following a period of bankruptcy. The company is back and better than ever, with new structures, systems and a smoother than ever supply chain, as well as many lessons learnt from the ups and downs behind them.

    We also spoke with Ethiopian Airlines, who experienced a tragic event in March when one of their flights crashed. We looked into what had caused the fatal accident, and how the airline that has always been highly respected for its safety is responding to these losses, and why they are still an airline to bank on.

    More a revitalization than a recovery, we also took a look at Dundee Precious Metals, who took the financial gamble of investing in a closed mine that had begun operations way back in the late ‘50s, and transformed it into a modernised system that absorbed much of the company’s profits during its transformation. Now, that investment is heavily paying off, and the company is turning its attention to new developments with similar promise.

    We also spoke with Mehran Bottlers, the creators of Pakola, a fizzy drink that represents new beginnings through its links to the early Independence Days of Pakistan. The patriotic beverage continues to connect the hearts and minds of Pakistanis both at home and abroad through its now iconic taste and its links to the birth of their nation.

    We heard from these and many more exciting companies besides, such as the South African Space Agency, who explained their work on space weather to us, and how heavily that work can impact aviation, communications, and many other industries that we rely on. Find out about them and more in the May issue of Endeavour Magazine.