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The Unavoidable Power of the Internet in Business

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine how things were done before the internet. For start ups in particular, you cannot get off the ground without the proper online research, internet marketing and networking among other online tools and processes that are all performed from your computer.

Importance of Internet Speed

In business a slow connection is frustrating, but it can also be quite damaging. When waiting on a slow connection, employees can get distracted, so not only do they lose time waiting for pages to load, they lose productivity which slows down the business as a whole. Keep your internet up to speed with Usave Broadband to check out the best deals for your area, saving you and your business time and money.

And it’s not just your employees, a one second delay in the loading of your site can be enough to put off customers causing them to leave before seeing what you need them to see. Try these tips to make sure your website loads faster and retain those impatient clients.

Marekting and Networking

When it comes to making connections for your business whether for partnerships of reaching out to clients, the internet and social media are your best friends. Collecting data for email marketing campaigns is vital from day one, whether you are based solely online or not. It can be used to convert leads that you have collected or you may use it to retain customers you’ve already won through offers and loyalty schemes. Email marketing is still considered the most effective form of marketing, with content marketing coming in at a close second, so you mustn’t miss out on it.

Creating relevant content that is on point for your target audience and answers the kind of questions they might be asking around your product, or type of product before they even know that’s what they’re looking for is what scored you points from the word go. This is known as inbound marketing and is so effective because it cuts out the sales pitch. With the right content, your customers will be drawn to you without you having to pitch anything, and it’s all made possible through the internet.

Online Advertising

Advertising your business is also made easy through the internet. Using this vast open network can often be more effective than an advert in a magazine with a limited number of subscribers and sets of eyes that will fall upon it, yet cheaper than going through television. You have several options for online ads, Google ads being a top choice which can help people find your business when searching in the same realm and you don’t have to worry about SEO to get on the first page.

For other paid advertising options, you can go through Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. When you branch out to social media for advertising you can start to get a bit creative. A popular way to spread band awareness on Instagram is to get in touch with an “Influencer” and ask them to promote your product. Influencer marketing is effective as the influencer’s followers tend to trust their opinion and it spreads trust and awareness. Furthermore, you may not need to pay for such services, you can simply send free samples and ask them to try them and promote them.

Clearly there are multiple ways that the internet can help you build and grow a business and trying to run things offline is simply not an option anymore.