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Why is the MINI Such a Great Vehicle?

In many ways, the classic MINI is a car that remains truly synonymous with the UK, from its origin to the immense cultural influence that it had during the 1960s.


The future is even brighter for the brand, as whilst deliveries of MINI models were down by 2.8% compared to the record sales achieved in 2017, this year will see the launch of the firm’s battery-driven MINI Electric across the globe.


But why should you invest in a MINI? Here are some of the reasons that make this car such an incredibly popular choice:


  1. It’s a True Motoring Icon


Let’s face facts; the MINI is as British as fish and chips as the Union Flag, whilst it has become a true cultural icon since the days of the 1960s.


Back then, MINIs became the most popular and coolest vehicles on the markets, and one which beautifully encapsulated the sense of freedom and hedonism that defined the era.


  1. It’s Built in Britain


The UK is also home to MINI production for the entire world, including a total of 110 countries globally.


In fact, all models are British-built in the Plant Oxford factory, which employs around 4,000 UK workers and one of the busiest production lines nationwide.


  1. It Combines a Go-Kart Feel with High Performance


MINI’s are inherently fun vehicles, and being behind the wheel of one of the more recent models is an absolute joy to behold.


Make no mistake; modern MINIs combine a unique ‘go-kart’ feel with incredibly high levels of performance and efficiency, creating an incredible experience that suits drivers of all shapes and sizes.


  1. It Boasts an Incredible Racing Heritage


Whilst you may not know it, the original and iconic MINI Cooper rally cars were once established as the best racing vehicles in the world.


These models were often successful in touring car and rallycross competitions for decades previously, and there’s no doubt that fans of facing will often seek out high-quality MINI models.


All of this design knowledge has also gone into refining the way in which MINIs drive, with today’s MINI Coopers incredibly smooth and widely available through dealers such as Peter Vardy.


  1. It has a Cool Design


Despite innovation and evolution throughout the years, the modern MINI has retained the cool design that made the brand so iconic in previous generations.


So, when BMW relaunched the brand, it created larger and more powerful vehicles whilst simultaneously maintaining the proportions and overall shape of previous models.


This was a smart move, and one that has stood the MINI brand in good stead in recent times!