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5 things that set Seat apart

Seat is a manufacturer with a relatively svelte history, but an incredible reputation. It began as a Spanish manufacturer of Fiat motors, before being bought by Volkswagen in 1986. Over the ensuing 30 years, the brand carved out a niche for itself as the affordable, sporty sibling to the more ‘grown-up’ VW models.

A budget brand with its own identity, Seat has branched out in recent years too, releasing more ambitious SUV models that look far beyond the ‘first-time buyer’ sector. But why should you be eyeing up a Seat as your next car?

Reliability According to Which, Seat ranks amongst the most reliable cars in their price bracket for both 0-3 year and 3-8 year reliability. This means that whether you’re leasing a brand new car from ZenAuto or buying a secondhand Seat from your local second-hand dealership, you’ll be driving away with a car that will last you many years.

Safety – Seat is a manufacturer renowned for its safety, with models such as the famous Seat Leon featuring a grand total of seven airbags. Most modern Seat models also include stability control and automatic emergency braking as standard.

Value – With a Seat, it almost goes without saying that you’ll be getting more bang for your buck. The Seat Mii city car can be bought new for around £9,000, whilst the more popular biz and Leon models start around £12,000 and £14,000 respectively. They are also famously economical with their engines, which means you’ll get more mileage for your petrol too.

Features – The new Seat Leons are all being shipped with Bluetooth as standards and bespoke 5-inch touchscreens that can be upgraded to larger screens should you have a large family that enjoys entertainment on the move. They even include next-generation gesture detection, which allows you to control the entertainment without having to physically touch a thing. The cars themselves, meanwhile, have a number of upgradable options to consider – from alloy wheels to climate control and both from and rear parking sensors.

Corners – Seat is a brand that is known for its corners, with cars that remain flat and stable throughout even the tightest of corners. There’s excellent grip too, and the weighted steering is razor-sharp precise.

Style – Finally, it might come across as a little shallow, but who doesn’t love a good-looking car? The Seat badge has become something of a flag bearer for snazzy good looks in a traditionally dull market.