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    Endeavour Magazine December 2019

    It’s the winter holiday season again! As I write this, the Americans in our office are gearing up for Thanksgiving, and by the time you’re reading it, it’s December! If you’re celebrating Hanukah, Christmas or the Winter Solstice this year, we hope it’s a time of peace from all of the hectic news, business and politics, and a time that you’re able to spend with whoever’s most important to you.

    We’re based in the UK, so the general election on December 12th will make sure that we can’t have a totally politics-free holiday season, and wherever you are, I’m sure life will continue to happen there too, but try to find some time to slow down, set your phone aside and clear your mind. After all, next year, it all begins again.

    This month, we were lucky enough to speak with some seasonally appropriate companies. First of all, we spoke with Java House about what makes the perfect coffee venue, which had us pining for hot lattes and cappuccinos to chase away the cold. We also spoke with Falke in South Africa, who are part of a global German sock company – and what’s more Christmassy than that?

    In our Amazing World series, we also took a look at Humbug Icebergs, and the cause behind the stunning phenomena, as well as digging into the mystery of ‘sailing stones’.

    This year has been full-on, and next year will be no different, but we’re looking forward to seeing companies’ 2020 visions come together, and what brilliant new innovations the fresh year will bring. Most of all, though, we’re looking forward to a break and a rest, and I’m sure you agree! Grab a toastie hot drink, settle down in some comfy socks, and spend a little of that quiet-time having a browse through our last issue of 2019.