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    Endeavour Magazine March 2020

    Is it time to book our summer vacations yet? Because we have spoken with a lot of hotels this month!

    It is still stubbornly cold here in the UK, even as we step into March, and thoughts of a warm sun and foreign climbs are increasingly appealing. That yearning wanderlust has not been helped at all by the many spectacular hotel brands and travel destinations we’ve had the pleasure to speak with for this issue – we’ve got some serious holiday envy.
    One destination we’re eying up is Tigh-Na-Mara’s coastal getaway, tucked into the rich woodlands of Vancouver Island. This resort is perfect for a peaceful corporate event that wants to mix leisure, wellness and relaxation with meetings and team-building events. Then, on the topic of business meeting leisure, there’s Penta Hotels – a lifestyle hotel brand that told us about the rise in ‘Bleisure’ travelers seeking an adventure and sense of something ‘extra’ within their business trips. We discussed this change in customer priorities with Penta, as well as the brand’s fresh, experience-driven approach to hotel management and design.
    On the topic of management and design, we were also able to speak with Taj Hotels. Whilst Penta Hotels seeks to make a hotel experience relaxed and chic-casual, Taj Hotels serves luxury and tradition. We spoke with the Indian company about its unrolling expansion in the Middle East, and were truly stunned by the beauty of some of the properties it operates. From modern towers to literal palaces, Taj offers stays in breathtaking locations, with the service and attention to detail to match.
    Last but definitely not least, we rounded off this dip into leisure by reconnecting with Nomad Tours, who had as many updates for us as ever! Nomad told us about similar changes in trends to those Penta Hotels has noticed, and gave us an insight into how this shift is affecting the face of camping and adventure holidaying.
    Of course, it hasn’t all been a vacation: as always, we’ve touched in with some incredible companies from across the industrial sectors. However, even our Amazing World team are casting their eyes towards excitement as well, with the first of our new series on music festivals. This month, we’ve looked at Noisily Festival, a UK holistic, psychedelic music event that is raising the bar on green festival management.