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    Endeavour Magazine February 2020

    With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we were lucky enough this month to speak with several companies who are all about creating a luxurious, rich, romantic product or experience. We reconnected with Fond Doux Resorts, the St Lucian plantation-turned-hotel that seeks to preserve lush St Lucian plant life as well as historic architecture in its picturesque vacation setting.
    Then, we spoke with not only one, but two high-tier alcohol producers: Amrut Distillery in India and Tikveš Winery in North Macedonia. Both companies are putting their countries on the map in their industries: for Tikveš Winery, their mission is to show off the high quality of grape and wine that North Macedonia produces, which is currently under-celebrated on the global stage. Amrut Distillery has gone even further, pushing past preconceptions that an Indian company cannot produce premium single malt whisky and going on to produce what has been voted the third best whisky in the world! We spoke with both companies about how their companies reflect their culture, about the amazing flavours they’re producing, and how people need to watch these spaces and try their products if they haven’t already.

    We’ve had a brilliant time speaking with these companies, but unfortunately, we couldn’t launch this month without mentioning two of the many crises currently affecting our world. Firstly, the bushfires in Australia are still burning, with around 80 fires still live. February is dubbed ‘fire season’ in the country, so as we enter this month, concerns are high that the situation will get worse before it gets better.

    Meanwhile, Australia is also one of the countries affected by the new coronavirus that is spreading through Australasia, with many Asian countries currently the most affected. We spoke with LotusHall in Thailand this month, and they mentioned these fears to us during our interview, telling us how locals are choosing to leave their homes as little as possible. This very wise caution is slowing to the economy, and an avoidance of travel means that business meetings are currently on hold, though companies are aware that ultimately, the work must go on.

    Australia still needs support as its attempts to quell and recover from these devastating bushfires, and as concern over this virus spreads, there may soon be other calls for aid from those affected. As we celebrate our success, it is also an important time to think about those in need and to consider giving support where we’re able. Let’s share the love this Valentine’s by supporting an area that needs relief, if we can.

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