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What are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Diesel Generator?

A generator is a powerful tool and an absolute must-have, whether you are a small business owner, or simply need a backup power source at home. They are multifaceted tools that provide vital energy to various industries, from agriculture to construction, food refrigeration, military outposts, or even telecommunications. They are safe and cheap, making them a good choice for home use as well. Diesel generators offer special flexibility in that they can be hooked up to the main source of power at a business, or, they can be a stable backup for use at home.


While they may be great in many ways, they do have a few key drawbacks. The following are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to buying a diesel generator, and helping you to understand the pros and cons.

The Good

  • Stability

Diesel operated generators are fairly efficient and can reach peak effectiveness at a faster rate than other models. Since they come with a built-in cooling component that helps them to handle heat progressively, they do not need an external part to act as a coolant. Nor do they need an additional water pump, radiator, or temperature gauge. You’re pretty much all set with one diesel generator, and you don’t have to worry about “accessories” to keep it running smoothly.

  • Cost-Efficient

As mentioned above, a diesel generator is a self-contained machine that ensures your power source is efficient. This also feeds into their relative affordability, which the experts at can attest to. But, there are other reasons as to why this makes them a more affordable option. For example, they have fewer parts they need to be regularly replaced, like a spark plug which tends to be the bane of everyone’s existence. This in turn means that it doesn’t need as much part replacement and maintenance costs than other generator models. Not to say that you will not have to ensure the maintenance of a diesel generator ever, but it does need much less finagling in general, which will save you money in the long run.

  • Fuel Efficiency

Diesel generators by and large offer the best value in terms of fuel efficiency. That being said, you should definitely take the time to research the model ahead of time to be sure, since not all diesel generators are created equal. In all cases, they will be more efficient than gas-powered generators, which means that you get double the power per the amount of fuel provided. So, whether you need a constant power supply, or simply a backup energy bank, a diesel generator can fulfill both needs beautifully.

  • Stay Versatile

We started off this article by pointing to the versatility of diesel generators, and we really should hone in on this point. Diesel generators can be used in a wide range of industries and can be used as both a full-time power bank or a temporary backup one.


They can also comfortably work in tandem with other kinds of machinery, and it is extremely versatile and can also meet the needs of homeowners or small businesses. There’s really no way in which a diesel-powered generator will prove to be useless, and it is by far an excellent use of money, with long-running benefits.

The Bad

  • Not “Green”

If you are worried about the environmental impact generators can have, then you should be aware of the fact that a diesel generator is, sadly, not the cleanest fuel source. Therefore, if you’re struggling to become more eco-friendly, then it might be best to bypass these altogether.

  • Finicky Installation Process

Sometimes, diesel generators can take some time to set up, and even the most affordable model may ring up a sizable bill simply to cover the costs of the installation.

  • Beware of Repairs

While diesel generators overall don’t need as much maintenance as other kinds do, the parts can be costly to replace, if something backfires. Even refurbished or after-sale services can cost a bit more than anticipated, so it helps if you make it a point to service the generator on a regular basis to help circumvent some of these costs and prevent any future need for maintenance.

  • Noisey Machines

The last “con” to be aware of when it comes to diesel generators and their overall efficacy is that they tend to be incredibly noisy. The best way to circumvent this is to look for more sophisticated models that have a noise reduction functionality of some kind built-in, or you can purchase a noise-insulating canopy to help guard your ears against the constant buzzing and humming.

All in all, many customers will vouch for the fact that diesel generators can be excellent purchases all around. While they do come with a specific set of drawbacks, many of them can be avoided if you do the research ahead of time, and look to the experts to help service and properly maintain it throughout the years.