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4 Top Apps For Motorcyclists


The world of motorcycling is about much more than just getting from a to b. It’s about biking adventures, learning new things, and getting involved with a supportive motorcycle community. To help you to improve your motorcycling experiences, these four apps have plenty of awesome features.

1 . EatSleepRIDE

EatSleepRide is a tracking, safety, and social app for motorcyclists. Using ESR, you can track an unlimited number of rides, get info on the top motorcycle routes, join motorcycle groups, and share your hobby with others. The app comes with ‘crashlight’ crash detection, and you can view your speed and save your rides. ESR also allows you to check out stories and events, accumulate miles, create groups, and more! If you’re looking to discover the best motorcycle roads out there, EatSleepRIDE is just the app you need.

  1. REVER

REVER is a fantastic app for offroad, sports cars, and motorcycle adventures. It’s trusted by all the top riders and manufacturers, including Harley Davidson, Yamaha, and Honda. The app works with your GPS so you can take it along on all of your rides. There’s also an option to download offline maps so that you can access them offline in remote locations. It’s simple to create customized routes, discover scenic places, and navigate your rides with the planner feature. No matter if you use a dirt bike, cruiser, or sportbike, REVER has all you need to improve your riding experience.

  1. Riser 

Riser is an application for motorcycle routes and communities. The app ensures that all motorcycle rides are sharable with fellow enthusiasts across the world. Using Riser, you can search for the best routes, according to your preferences. Riser uses street detection and advanced algorithms, along with community data. With the ‘Pack Ride’ feature, you can create your very own group rides, get alerts, and enjoy the adventure of riding together. There are also tracking features that allow you to map your favourite routes and store experiences in your routebook. To become part of one of the best motorcycling communities out there, you need to get Riser! Whether it’s chatting about motorcycle gadgets or sharing off-road tips, there’s much to learn.

  1. Best Biking Roads 

The Best Biking Roads app helps users to search for new places to go on their motorcycle. Here you can take advantage of the knowledge of 25,000 motorcycling experts, with thousands of routes across the globe. With this application, you can search close by routes or put your preferences for selected locations. You can view routes by region, a text search, or by clicking on the map. Using Best Biking Roads, you can access 4,000+ routes added by the motorcycling community. You can also share these routes with your biker friends and add biking footage.

As a motorcyclist, it’s important to take the correct safety precautions to avoid an accident. There are plenty of safety measures to consider, from the correct gear to advanced training and bike maintenance. If you do find yourself in a biking accident, you’ll need to get top-notch legal representation, to ensure the best possible outcome.