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10 tips for styling your outfit

Want to look more fashion-forward and stylish? If you are tired from your old boring outfits, I have come with the ten most advantageous tips.

As an online stylist for the past two years, I have realized that there are many working women and house ladies who want to elevate their style, but due to a lack of fashion sense, they ended up wearing that boring and typical jeans and shirt.

But I am not saying that jeans and shirts are boring, but it’s not a bad idea to wear new cuts and have an experiment with your styling?

Don’t worry, and everyone is not a born stylist?

You need to polish some styling skills and fill your wardrobe with stylish and stunning outfits that you can easily get at any online store such as

So, I am here to tell you more tips on how to look a little bit more stylish and a little bit more fashion-forward now there is no need to think twice while wearing long sleeve bohemian dress because if you style it with confidence and by following fashion tips, you are going to slay that outfit.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the tips that you should follow to look more style-forward.

  • Add a belt 

That the most key tip to look stunning is to add a belt with your blazar or with your amazon long skirts. It’s like a no-fail system and works every time to give you a perfectly stylish look.

  • Add an Accessory

As an online stylist, I always recommend this to my clients that always add Accessories to your outfit because it’s completely transformed your outfit, and you look more stylish.

  • Stay up to trend

Stay up to date from the trend you must know that what is trending nowadays and what thing is most in like skirts are pretty much in trends like next maxi skirts and next petite skirts.

  • Correct proportions

People make most of the mistakes because they always choose the wrong pairs, like if you are wearing a crop top, you should go for high waist jeans and give you a perfect look.

  • Combine colors

Wearing a perfect contrasting color will always be the best option, and it will also define your creativeness that at which color you are going to contrast your outfit. Salmon long leg trouser will go best with a beige top.

  • Wear vintage

Yes, it always looks super great. When you mix vintage with new, it gives an aesthetic look that makes your mixing look great. Like last month I got a vintage channel bag that I used frequently, and everyone compliments it.

  • Wear unique

Always try to wear a unique piece once in a while. I am not saying you to wear it daily, but some of the time; it looks perfect to wear unique stuff. Like you can wear plain white button shirt with power shoulders shirt will give that plain shirt a touch of uniqueness you can wear it with blue high waist jeans it’s up to your choice from which you want to match it.

  • Wearing prints

Who else goes to deny that mix prints and basic print with jeans never go perfect? I know everyone likes the prints, and in summers, it is highly appreciable this is something you can’t resist wear to look.

  • Self-care

It’s the most important tip dirty unhinged nails are far better than clean polish nails. Also, our daily makeup is highly important. I love to wear light makeup, and I am super comfortable wearing it, but I wear high makeup at night. So, try to count these things while changing your style.

  • Update your shoes

If you are thinking of changing your style, then first update your shoes because that makes your outfit look perfect, and you can also go for any color like golden, pink, white, and black.

I know it sounds stupid to buy shoes daily, and no one does this, but if you once find out the great pair that always goes great with your outfits, you will not regret purchasing.


That’s up for you to look more stylish and confident, and I hope you read it more carefully and hit will surely help you a lot while updating your style and outfit.