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Motorcycling: Cool Bike Styles to Consider

Whether you are a teenager looking for your very first transportation, or you have had enough of traffic congestion and parking hassles, there are some great street bikes on the streets of the UK. When compared to four wheels, running a street bike makes perfect sense and parking is never an issue. Here is an overview of the street bike styles that are seen on the UK roads.

Sports Bikes

The latest generation of sports machines look much like the MotoGP bikes, so if you fancy being the next Mark Marquez or Valentino Rossi, check out the Honda CBR300 or the Yamaha R-Series, which are available online from approved dealerships, with great finance deals to spread the payments. Of course, you are limited to a 125cc machine until you get your Class A licence, which can be done over a couple of years, then you are able to experience the 1000cc superbikes. It is hardly a comfortable riding position, but if you are into speed, this is the style of bike for you; designed for a single rider, you can carry a pillion passenger, albeit rather precariously. It is important to wear the protective motorcycle clothing at Wheels, a leading bike dealership where you can find new and used bikes at affordable prices.

Street Bikes

The naked look, with engine showing and a more upright posture, the latest generation of street machines includes the Yamaha MT line, while Suzuki have a range of GSXR bikes that are really appealing. The naked look is in, which allows you to see the entire engine, with almost no fairing and great handling. The girls love the rugged street bike look and it’s really easy to keep clean with a power wash at the local garage.

Moto-Cross Bikes

If you are an off-road fan, then the moto-cross style is for you. All the major manufacturers have a dirt bike family, ranging from a 125cc to a 1,000 cc Enduro bike. A higher riding position and off-road tyres does make for a comfortable ride, both on and off-road and dirt track challenges await. You are advised to take a short basic off-road riding course, which will teach you how to control the machine on a range of surfaces. If you are thinking about buying a car, this article is worth reading.

Touring Bikes

Designed for comfort, the touring bike is for those who like to head off into the sunset and explore the countryside and low-end bikes start at around 300cc, with the mid-range 600-750cc bikes being the most popular. This is not really a street machine, but if you like that laid back seating and don’t mind a heavy bike, the tourer has many advantages.

Driving licences

Of course, if you wish to ride any bike larger than 125cc, you will need a Class A licence, which allows you to ride any size bike and within 2 years of receiving your provisional licence, you should complete the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Certificate, then take your bike test.