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How to Create Video Brochures That Produce Great ROI

As of today, videos cover around 87% of digital marketing content. Video pamphlets are a spontaneous flow of product presentation, information, and promotion. It is an efficient way to capture the audience’s eyes and make your brand stand out compared to static advertising materials. 

Video flyers are great marketing strategies as they boost customer engagement, ultimately increasing sales. However, with a large portion of digital advertisements relying on such materials for product promotion, companies are forced to think outside the box to produce a unique material that gives them an edge over other corporations.

Create an eye-catching video brochure that will help you grab the attention of your target market using these easy steps. See how it can help you maximize ROI by creating an efficient and down-to-earth advertisement. Amplify your product or brand’s strengths and release them to the public with stunning animations and eye-catching visual content.

Keep It Short

Much like slogans and inanimate posters, companies need to keep their materials short and concise. The same rules apply to video brochures which are simple and exhibit your message neatly and effectively. The basic message, call to action, and selling points should be compressed within a 30-45 second time frame. If you go beyond the limit, viewers will most likely exit the video before getting to the crucial parts.

You want to create content that covers your company ideals, vision statements, what customers can expect from you, and a call to action. Include results that will put your brand in a good light, preferably in the form of testimonials as social proof. Your call-to-action should be short but precise, compelling your viewers to engage in your company or product.

Consider The Size

Laptops, tablets, computers, televisions, and smartphones are gadgets with screens that vary in size and resolution. Nonetheless, considering each of these devices’ sizes can help you create a video with a perfect-sized ratio that can fit the viewer’s screen, no matter what they are using. Video sizes can range from around two to ten inches. 

Determining your video’s size and the screen ratio is crucial before moving on to other elements such as texts and aesthetics. Create high-resolution videos that have a unified sense of design. Video sizes help you achieve the desired effect on your audience. Just imagine watching a video on your laptop, sized as small as your phone. 

Customize Your Videos

The secret to capturing your audiences’ attention is to tailor a material specifically made to do so. Advertisements are not random pictures and texts you put up, hoping that someone might see them. Every design must be made for a particular purpose, intention, and appealing to a specified group of people.

A list of target audiences should be a part of your company’s brand preparation. Study which types of material appeals most to those people and create a video brochure to catch their attention. Choose your elements such as wordings, pictures, sounds, and transitional effects carefully.

Overall, marketing is the survival of the fittest, and only those who can adapt to the rapidly changing trends of the market can land on top. Never stop trying to adapt to the industry to create a high-quality, high-resolution video prospectus that can efficiently appeal to your target market. Showcase your company’s value in 30-45 seconds.