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How to Remove Nail Polish Stains from Your Tiles

Whenever you decorate your home with tiles, you always keep feeling concerned about their maintenance. Especially when you tile your floor, it is bound to get filthy and stained, and you need to keep the floor tiles clean as much as possible in order to have a nice and comfortable feeling at your home. If the tiles get dusty or dirty, you can clean them easily with water. But can you do the same when the floor tiles get stained by something? You will definitely need to provide extra effort in order to remove stains from the tiles, as they are not really an easy task.

Different kinds of stains can be formed on the floor, and each kind of stain might have a different kind of clean up process. There can curry stains, there can be stains of different foods and sauce, coffee stain, watercolor stain, nail polish stain, etc. None of them are easy to remove, and each of their removal process is different from the others.

Especially removing the satin of nail polish can be particularly difficult, as you need to follow some specific steps to complete the removal process. If fingernail polish gets spilled on your floor, it can create a really sticky mess. If you can clean it up quickly, when it is still liquid, you can do it easily and without facing any difficulties. However, if you don’t clean it soon, and it gets stained on the floor tiles, removing it can be really difficult. The stain can be more difficult to remove f your tiles consist of natural stones such as marble or granite, instead of ceramic tiles.

So, whenever your tiled floor gets stained with very colorful nail polish, and your white tiles start looking funny, or your colored tiles start looking very odd, you don’t need to worry about it. Instead, you can just easily follow the below-mentioned tasks to clean the stain to make the tiles look completely new and clean.

Acting Quickly and Trying to Clean the Nail Polish in Its Wet State

As said earlier, it is way easier to clean nail polish from the tile floor while it is still wet. Besides the ingredients you need to clean that is so easy to get, as they are most certainly always at your home, and these ingredients are just some salt, or some sugar. You just need to sprinkle the salt or the sugar onto the spill, and then the salt or sugar crystals absorb the wet polish, and make it easy to clean up. After waiting for a couple of minutes you can just sweep or coop it up simply. After that wipe the tiles using water or other cleaning solutions.

What to Do If It is a Dry Stain

If you weren’t able to clean the nail polish off the floor when it was wet, then the stain gets dry and becomes harder to clean. If you get to know about the stain after it has become dry, you should at first try to simply pill it away, with the edge of a butter knife or something like that. And there are other methods you can go for, like using cleaning agents, nail polish remover, etc.

Using Nail Polish Remover

If your floor is made of ceramic tiles, you can go for traditional nail polish removers to clean the nail polish stain from the tiles. Just simply use the remover to scrub the spill, and then wash the area with water, or other floor cleaning agents to make sure that the nail polish remover chemical is completely off the floor, cause the chemical can be problematic for the floor.

Using Acetone to Clear the Stain

You can use acetone to clear nail polish stain from tiles, and to do it you need to apply a small amount of acetone on a small piece of cloth, and then gently rub the cloth on the stain. You need to keep doing it in a circular motion until the stain disappears. Then pour water on the tile to remove the acetone, as acetone might damage your floor if kept there for a long time.

Cleaning With Detergent and Tooth Brush

For more stubborn stains you can go for laundry detergents, and mix them with a small amount of water to form a thick paste. Scrub the stain using the paste and then cover the area with a damp rag. Then keep it this way for two days, and then wash the place with clean water to rinse the paste away. For the stains that are scrub persistent, you can use an old toothbrush to clean the stain, and help the detergent bleach the area and remove the stain.

Using Citric Acid or Isopropyl Alcohol

You can take some citric acid powder and then mix it with water to create a paste, and then use the paste to clear the stain from the floor. After an hour of applying the paste to the stain, just wipe it with clear water. You can also use lemon juice to do so, as lemon contains citric acid itself. Putting lemon slices on the stain, and then putting a plastic wrap on it for 2-3 hours might help to rinse the stain. You can also use isopropyl alcohol to clean the nail polish stain.

Final Words

If not cleaned properly, nail polish stains can become a real pain for you and your floor. And the cleaning process is not much tough, you can get most of the ingredients around you. You can even use vinegar, along with other mentioned materials to clean the stain. So, take quick and proper steps to clean nail polish stains from your floor as soon as you discover them.