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This Is the Best Time of Year To Clean Your Carpets

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This Is the Best Time of Year To Clean Your Carpets

There are heated debates on the best time of the year to clean your carpets. In most states, the best time to clean your carpets is during spring or fall as you prepare for the upcoming holidays. But that is not always an option for your hectic schedule. When it comes to carpet cleaning, we have to consider our lifestyle, time availability, location, and resources.

Some people think their carpets should be cleaned only when they get dirty, but the reality is that carpets have invisible allergens and dirt. To deal with this, have your carpet regularly cleaned if you live with an asthmatic or allergic person.

You might choose to clean your carpet once every season of the year depending on the number of people living in your house. The more people in your household, the more your carpet accumulates dirt and debris.

Planning Your Schedule

If you are going to clean your carpet once a year, the best time depends on what you engage in each season. Many prefer waiting until winter is over to get rid of any dirt trapped in the house and carpet as they prepare for other seasons of the year. That is important if you wear snow boots and shoes in your home throughout the nasty winter. Depending on your household, a different season might build up more dirt in your carpets.


Spring is one of the best seasons for professional carpet cleaning. Many feel more inclined to tidy up the whole house in a burst of spring cleaning. After the nasty winter season, you have started letting fresh air into the house and getting rid of dirt and salt that trailed in during the season to usher in a new cleaning season. Comprehensive carpet cleaning will also open some space to trap spring allergens.


Summertime is when flowers are blooming and insects take another step in their life; if you are looking for the best time to get rid of pollen and soil that gets trapped on your carpets, summer should be your choice. With summer humidity, you can clean your carpet and leave it inside to dry while you enjoy the fantastic weather.


Many people consider fall to be the best season to clean the carpet as you prepare your home for the holiday season. You will spend more time in the house, which means you will trap more dirt in the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning will get your carpet ready for increased accommodation and handle all the summer debris while you are busy at work.


You may not have cleaned your carpet thoroughly during the warmer months, and your workspace starts to feel stuffy. You might think the best time to clean your carpet is when you spend minimal time in the house to give it time to dry. But come to think of it, it’s even more convenient to clean the carpet during winter as you improve the air quality in your surroundings where you will be spending more time.

Winter is hard on your carpet. That’s why you should clean it regularly to have a new, spotless look as it gives your home a clean and friendly appearance. It’s one reason winter is a great time to clean your carpets. Leaving dirt and stains until warmer months will not only give it a worn appearance, but the stains may become permanent.

The Bottomline

Your carpet does not have to collect more dirt before you have it deep cleaned. Regular carpet cleaning is essential, and the best time of the year to clean it is during warmer months. Little to no dirt is brought into the house and drying time is sufficient. According to a Carpet cleaning service in Jacksonville, you can expect your carpet to dry in as little as a few hours after a professional steam cleaning.

It doesn’t really matter the time of the year you prefer to clean your carpet. Regular cleanings will keep your home looking clean, smelling fresh, and provide your family with  better air quality. If you don’t know how to deep clean your carpets, enlist the help of a professional. They have the skills and experience to give your carpet a professional and thorough cleaning at any time of the year.