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5 Unconventional Ways To Bust The Pandemic Anxiety

As the pandemic extends into another year, anxiety is as big a concern as the virus itself. Millions of Americans are battling pandemic anxiety amid the WFH pressure, financial hardship, and the fear of getting infected. The panic factor is elevating the risk of health problems, which are a concern for people already struggling to stay safe. Right now, you must focus on dealing with anxiety so that you can stay in good shape and maintain your immunity. Here are some unconventional ways to bust the stress.

Unplug from fears

The biggest lesson that the crisis has brought is that one should live in the moment. You cannot control what lies ahead, so unplug and enjoy what you have right now. This mindset will promote mental peace and keep stress at bay. Stop worrying about the future and make the best of what you have now. If you are staying indoors due to the virus, take it as an opportunity to spend time with the family. Relish simple pleasures like cooking with your partner, reading stories to the kids, or seeing your plants grow.


Although everyone speaks a lot about meditation, practicing it takes conscious effort. Make that effort right now because you need it more than anything else to restore and maintain mental peace. Invest time in meditation and deep breathing every morning and evening. It will curb stress, improve focus, make you more productive at work, and even promote good health.

Try cannabis

Americans are resorting to sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication to deal with insomnia and stress in pandemic times. But it is the last thing you should do because these medications do more harm than good. Try cannabis as a natural healing aid because it can relieve pain, stress, and insomnia naturally. The legal status in more states makes it easy to buy. For example, you can procure weed in virginia because it is legal here, as long as you are over the legitimate age. Just check the status in your state and order online to get it delivered to your doorstep.

Try journaling for worry drop

It becomes a tad easier to drop your anxiety by writing a journal. You may probably want to embrace this habit right now and retain it for good. Research studies indicate that penning down your apprehensions clears your mind of all negative emotions and gives you a mental break. It may not end your woes, but you surely get a new perspective on problems and solutions.

Take a digital break

A long year with digital media has as many downsides as benefits. Apps and devices may have kept you in touch with family, friends, and colleagues during the social distancing era, but you probably need a digital break right now. Choose to stay off your phone and social media this weekend. Spend time with your family, try your hand at cooking or gardening, or simply sleep.

Apart from trying these unconventional ideas, pay attention to your food and fitness routine. Stay grounded with realistic expectations, and you will cope with the pandemic anxiety better!