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Reasons to Buy an Apple Carplay Head Unit

If you are an apple enthusiast, then you probably have most of the latest gadgets and toys, most people are kind of addicted to their handheld devices and as such want all the latest gear. What about your car though, did you know that you can upgrade your existing head unit to an Apple Carplay set up? Either way you’ll probably want to know what they are all about and what you can gain from buying one.

What is it?

First of all, not everybody is familiar with the term ‘head unit’ so let’s start by clearing that one up. A head unit is what sits in your dashboard, allowing you to play music or these days, connect to the Internet. If you are an apple person then you probably want the best so try searching for best Apple CarPlay from Bankstown Sound, you will see a list of options to suit your needs. Once upon a time you would have had a tape deck head unit or a CD head unit, nowadays its all about mp3, mp4 and digital formats.

What can they do?

Just like a traditional head unit an Apple CarPlay allows you to play music, but with the added benefit of your music being in a digital format so no more need for CD’s or tapes, awesome news. Because they sit directly into your dashboard you don’t need to worry about connecting any wires or fiddling around too much when you get into your car giving you more time to enjoy the music and the ride.

It isn’t all about music though, because Apple CarPlay devices can connect to the internet you can pretty much do anything on your CarPlay that you would on your mobile device or TV, if you don’t own an Apple TV then have a look at this blog that tells you all about them. Some of the top models have things like GPS and or the ability to connect things like additional sound devices such as a subwoofer or an amp, meaning much better sound and the option to have lots of speakers.


One of the best features of the CarPlay is that because it is geared around iPhone and gadgets you can sync all of your music or media that you have in your iTunes library, no messing about, everything all in one place ready for action. As your library updates on any of your other devices so will the library on your CarPlay.


Because the unit sits into your dashboard, becoming a part of your car there is no need to have a mount fitted to your windscreen or dashboard and that also means that there are no wires dangling around to cause a problem. Safety should really be first so check make sure you are up to date with think first information. There are different models available too, which means that you can choose the best features for you, one of which, being the screen size. Generally speaking, the bigger the screen the easier it will be to navigate meaning it should be safer than trying to poke around on a smaller screen to find what you want.