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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

It’s nearly impossible to avoid advertising or marketing. From billboards to the internet, everywhere you look is another company trying to reel in customers with bright graphics and enticing offers. How can a small business like yours stand out against the bombardment? Here are four easy ways you can make your business get the right kind of attention and a few more customers.

1. Boost Your Brand With a Vanity Phone Number

Spending enough money on marketing to compete with massive corporations likely isn’t possible for you. A quick and affordable option for building local brand awareness is to use easy-to-remember business vanity phone numbers. Putting a catchy number on your company vehicle will help people think of you when they need the service you provide.

2. Benefit Your Community

Many large companies have headquarters in far-off places, but you likely live in the same area that your small business calls home. Giving back to your community is a great way to let locals know you care about their well-being. Consider sponsoring activities at local schools or participating in fundraisers. Being a benefit to your community helps you stand out and help people at the same time.

3. Provide Great Customer Service

Many people are willing to spend more at small local businesses. In fact, 82% of consumers said they prefer buying local when they can. However, you shouldn’t take that number for granted. Providing great customer service is still a great and easy way to ensure your business stands out. One way you can offer customers solid service is by answering every call that comes in.

4. Start a Customer Loyalty Program

Depending on the service your business provides, a customer loyalty reward might not make sense. After all, how often do plumbers make a house call to the same home in a single year? For businesses that do get repeat customers, rewarding loyalty can help drive revenue and brand recognition concurrently. A whopping 84% of people who join loyalty programs eventually cash in for rewards. That means the vast majority of program members spent enough to earn the reward in the first place.

Building brand awareness and pulling in more local customers doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and costly adventure. Having a memorable phone number, helping your community, providing great service, and rewarding loyalty can combine to help your small business stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank.