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    Endeavour Magazine October 2021

    This month was a fascinating and uplifting one for us. We’ve gotten in touch with some of our longest-running contacts and caught up on how they’ve faired during the pandemic, and the talks have been humbling, grounding, and also inspiring. What we’re hearing from many businesses is the same message we’ve been saying ourselves; “We’ve been injured, but we survived.”

    Let’s be honest – whilst some businesses have soared during the past 18 months, many of us – even many of those companies who have soared – have also taken hits. We’ve taken hits, and some companies weren’t able to make it through, but for those of us who are still here – and for those people who have had to close their business and are looking to the future – we’ve hopefully learnt something. Every challenge in our industries is a learning curve, and I’m excited to see the lasting impact on this time period in commerce. One day, they’ll be teaching this small but significant moment in time in schools and universities, in history classes but also, I imagine, in business studies. Whether we’re feeling confident or still hurting, we’ve experienced a unique time in business history, and that’s something to be proud of taking on, whatever our personal experience has been.

    A particular shout-out this month goes to Alex Rutherford and everyone at Nomad Tours, who shared their challenging and ultimately victorious journey as a tourism company caught in the middle of a global pandemic, and Eugene Nel, CEO of VR8, the Vanadium Resources junior developer who managed to keep on trucking whilst most of the world had been forced to a stand-still.

    Covid or not, our Amazing World team hasn’t lost its sense of the spooktacular – as always, our October Amazing Worlds have chosen a creepy theme. Don’t worry, it’s not Doll Island this year: this year, they’ve focused in on creepy crawlies, of both the eerie and edible varieties.

    We’re also introducing Sylvia Loch this month, respected author in the realms of horse riding, history and dressage, who’s joining the Endeavour team to share monthly insights into the world of everything equestrian!