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    Endeavour Magazine November 2021

    November is a thrilling and decisive time for industry. As businesses continue their post-pandemic recoveries, we are starting to get a true view of those that have succeeded in riding out (or even rising above) the storm. Meanwhile, although the world is ‘returning to normal’, the pandemic itself is not yet truly over, and as the Northern Hemisphere heads into winter, we will see how its population are affected and what fallout this could cause. For the countries that celebrate Christmas, too, this is an interesting time of year: which industries will be ready to respond to that boom in business, and how will that boom help the companies that are depending on it? Contrastingly, how will other industries fair as, not long after getting back into the swing of things, the Christmas period slows their trading down?

    However, perhaps the most crucial indications of the future will be decided this month in Glasgow, UK, as the COP26 meets to allow the countries of the world to discuss crucial climate action. We hear about climate change so much that some people will roll their eyes, but experts feel that this summit is crucial if we are to achieve real change in time to avoid crisis. With many global players meeting to pledge and discuss what is to be done, we will soon have a more accurate forecast for the changes in industry that may occur between now and 2030, including the energy industry, automobiles, and so much more.

    With this in mind, we were particularly excited to speak with Appia Rare Earths and Minerals, who mine the rare earths needed to manufacture electric vehicles and many of the other electronic advances needed to move away from a fossil-fuel dependent society. Likewise, it was exciting and topical to speak with our cover story, Adria Power Systems, who have made it their mission to revolutionize the mining industry by helping mining companies convert their operations to being electrically powered. When it comes to discussions of sustainability, mining has a bad reputation, but between these two companies, we see the mining that is necessary for this green new world, and also a way to make this mining greener itself.