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Modern Alternative Of Student’s Dorms

You can get cozy accommodation and still save your privacy.

If you are like many other students out there waiting to get the news that classes are starting again then you aren’t alone.

We know that all of you are excited to get to campus, sit on your desks again, engage during class and just remind yourselves of the good 2019 times when things were normal.

However, as exciting as a campus can be, living in a dorm might not feel the same. The noises are ongoing as privacy flies out the window.

Challenges of Living in a Dorm 

Choosing to live in a dorm as a student can be very, very challenging. For many, this isn’t an option of living while others have no other choice. 

Okay, who wants to have to put up with other teenagers around like yourself while trying to get some sleep and they shout and sing at the top of their lungs. 

Sometimes it can be the noise, other times the mess, and let’s not talk about shared bathrooms. Yuck.

Even though there are residence rules that the staff tries to put into practice, sometimes it is just too hard to make all the noisy kids conform. 

Student dorms are so far from a quiet and safe space where you can study and rest as you prepare for the big test. 

That’s why a lot of young students just like yourself prefer to find a private apartment where noises are inexistent and they get to live according to their standards.

Let’s see some off dorm options for you, starting with one of the top student accommodation in New York.

A Room In Bushwick

For as little as $4000 a month you can get a three-bedroom apartment in this neighborhood. Inside you will find a washer-dryer, 3 bedrooms that you can share with roommates, a roof deck (if you’re lucky), and finally… two bathrooms. 

From here, on a clear night, you can see the lights of the bridges from the Verrazzano up to Queensboro.

Now, let’s do the math… if you are three people you get to pay roughly $1300 each per month, which isn’t that bad.

However, if coliving like that isn’t for you…

Look around for what is available. 

Depending on the design of the building, you might still preserve your privacy while engaging only with a few people who live in the same building as you. 

Some buildings will allow you to come and go from your rooms directly from outdoors, without having to enter any of the common areas.

This, of course, depends on the design of the building.

And do not forget that this is a “buyer’s market” where you can negotiate for reduced rent if you don’t have your own entrance. 

And don’t forget that most rooms are furnished, and with a bit of luck you could have a TV and Wi-Fi. 

A Room Near Your Campus

Depending on where your college is located, (in the suburbs or city), there are some options that could be available for you.

You can check with real estate listings or even ask around the campus. Locals tend to know one another and you might be lucky enough to find a nice room at a shared apartment.

A safer alternative to a dorm room could be a rented room in a shared apartment, depending on the neighborhood that you decide to rent in. The cost can be less than the normal dorm room and you won’t have to put up with numerous students walking in and out of the building and slamming doors every now and then.

You might look for different options from high store apartments to two-story buildings where you can rent a room on the first floor. It is always better if you are two people, (two friends or cousins), and you guys share a two-room apartment, even though it can get kind of expensive like that. 

Living in with relatives

If you have relatives living in New York, (and they have some extra space) then you can live with them. It can be a way cheaper and safer option than living in a dorm or renting out a co-shared apartment. 

They can show you around town, help you to get used to living in New York, and share the expenses with you. However, you have to make sure that you do contribute your part of the money because no one is going to keep you for free. At least not for a long time. 

Coliving spaces

Alright, you might think that a coliving space is very similar to a dorm but they are quite different. First of all, here you find people that have common interests with you. Second of all, rules here are a little bit more strict than dorms and people are more cautious when it comes to making noise.

Third of all, you have more tools at your disposal to make your student like it a little bit easier. Coliving spaces can be very fun and they can give you the experience of living in a group of people that are focused on a common purpose. And we do have to mention that a coliving space can be very cheap and have more commodities.

If you are a bit social, then a coliving space is perfect for you.

Final Thoughts

Living in a dorm as a student is out of the question for most. It’s just an old and outdated way of surviving, especially in New York. Plus dorms can get rowdy with a lot of people and sometimes even non-students going in and out of the building.

If you are looking to preserve your privacy and live comfortably, then getting your own room at a shared apartment should be your main priority.