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    Endeavour Magazine January 2022

    Happy New Year, everyone! It’s 2022, if anyone can believe that. We decided to start off our new year at Littlegate with a three-feature medical special: we’ve revisited our old friends at SANBS (the South African National Blood Service) and we’ve also touched base with WCBS (the Western Cape Blood Service) to get acquainted with the other not-for-profit organisation that’s helping to carry the weight of South Africa’s blood bank needs. After speaking with SSEM last month about the incredible, life-changing work that these two services do for South Africa, we wanted to give them the attention they’re due.

    These two features are joined by Medcorp Ltd, one of the leading healthcare providers in the Caribbean region. Medcorp operates throughout Trinidad and Tobago, doing incredible work every tear, year-round, but especially in the face of the past two years’ events. Every medical company or organisation we’ve spoken to has been rushed off its feet during the Covid pandemic, and as we venture into a new year and hopefully leave the worst of that behind us, we’d like to join the many voices offering thanks and congratulations, once more, to all medical professionals and the teams that support them and make their work possible.

    As well as these medical features, we have a range of other stories that we’re excited to share from around the globe, and in our Amazing World segment, we’ve brought ourselves back to the UK with a look at an old British tradition around advent and the New Year – one that, in Wales, is still alive and as spooky and festive as ever: the Mari Lywd. (Though, whether entering each other’s homes and helping ourselves to each other’s food is very Covid-safe is another matter!)