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    Endeavour Magazine February 2022

    Nothing excites us more than stories of green industry innovations, and this month, we had the pleasure of being able to feature several companies making fresh strides in the arena of greener industry practices.
    These companies and groups included ProSeal, a young company just starting to pioneer its new, green concrete and soil solutions. They explained this new technology to us and the many ways it could impact the construction, mining and energy sectors to massively reduce pollution and, in the case of their green concrete, to provide an alternative that doesn’t rely on Silica sand!
    We also have the pleasure of being able to publish a series of pieces by members of the Geotechnical Engineering Centre, who have made similar breakthroughs in the realm of sustainable glass. Again, this could relieve the strain on Silican sand, among other benefits. This research was carried out and presented to us by the University of Queensland in Australia, and their article explores and explains many of these research and progress areas in depth.
    Our cover story, E3 Metals, has also devised a fantastic way to reduce waste in its industry – in this case, lithium mining! With a massive reduction of soil affected, fresh water used, energy spent and time take, E3 Metals seems to have almost completely cleaned up lithium supply: they even predict a net gain of fresh water in some cases!
    Even energy company Lamprell is getting greener. Whilst the company’s Middle East based oil & gas operations and still under full swing and proving fruitful, the company has never the less invested heavily into green energy, to the point of receiving a Green Economy Mark from the London Stock Exchange. 50% of its 2021/22 slate is account for by green energy projects – a remarkable move from a company that is traditionally a fossil fuel supplier, and another fantastic sign of movement towards cleaner, greener times for global industry.
    There’s still a long way to go, but many of us are moving in the right direction, a few impressive strides at a time.