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    Endeavour Magazine March 2022

    It’s a short and simple note from the Editor’s chair this month. As a global magazine, our attention is always pointing outwards at the world around us, but whilst there are many places in the world that need our thought, prayer, help and attention right now, we can’t help but look to Ukraine. Whether Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will pull other areas of the world into it or not, this is a terrifying time for those forced to leave their homes, and those who cannot. It is a time to pause, to take notice and, if we can, to help. It is also a time to look at other global areas of conflict, and at the people forced to flee them, with renewed compassion and awareness, if our compassion needed renewing.

    The world is moving on from the pandemic that used to dominate our attention, and we are thrilled by some of the stories of success coming out the other side of it. We’ve been able to feature many of them this month: thriving economic progress in Zambia, revolutionized pharmacies in Kenya and new milestones reached by several old friends from our past features. However, it is with heavy hearts that we look to Ukraine, and perhaps it is this melancholy that also prompts me to mention the passing away of a member of our team and family here. Whilst we said goodbye to him a few months ago, he is on my mind again today: so, we pour one out to you, James. And, we send our thoughts to everyone in and from Ukraine, and everyone else affected.